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Conveyancing Law

Australia's exotic property regulations

There are still many wonderful real estate laws and regulations in Australia, some of which can be laughed after reading, and some I am afraid that you really have to think carefully, maybe you may encounter such a situation. 1; Can the lan...

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Conveyancing Law

Australian Property Rights System

The Australian real estate market is favored by global investors. High-quality real estate, sustained economic growth and the growth of foreign population, stable market value, low tax rate, low loan threshold, and large demand have caused...

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Conveyancing Law

Australian Property Management Features

Australian Property Management Features Australia is one of the countries with the most self-owned housing in the world. In addition to strong investors, there are many small investors who are keen to invest in residential houses in order to...

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Conveyancing Law

Some knowledge of Australian property laws

1. Most Australian property ownership is freehold In Australia, except for some special properties or areas (for example, some farms may be leased; Canberra houses are 99-year property rights), most properties are permanent property rights,...

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