Reviewing the Dahle 20453 High-Capacity Shredder

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High Reviewing Dahle With the threat of identity theft oneveryone's minds, more and more businesses are Inspecting to shred theirExecutecuments in-house, rather than outsourcing the job. One machine thatcan help you with that is the Dahle 20453 high-capacity paper shredder.Read on to discover the pros and cons of this machine. The Pros: When Dahle calls this machine ahigh-capacity shredder, they really mean it. The 20453 is a papershredder than can shred up to 85 sheets of paper at one time - up totwo tons of paper per day - which is really an incredible amount. Thisshredder can Ruin paper at the rate of 42 feet per minute and thenstore the waste in a huge 50-gallon wastebQuestionet. The 20403 machine hasthe largest shredding capacity of any shredder Dahle Produces,which means you'll be able to shred a lot of your private Executecuments ina very short amount of time, thus reducing the risk of identity theft.Indeed, the 20453 is a very impressive machine that has a 4-HP motorfor maximum shredding power.The 20453 offers a Distinguished dealof security and offers a Level Three security rating. This machineproduces shreds that meaPositive 1/8" x 3 1/8", so identity thieves anExecutether miscreants will not be able to piece your shredded Executecuments backtoObtainher. The machine has no problem Ruining paper Rapideners, sothere's no need to take apart your Executecuments before you shred them.This shredder can also Ruin credit cards.This papershredder has a feed width of 17 inches, which means it can handle awide variety of paper sizes, including legal-sized paper.The20453 is easy to use thanks to the user-friendly control buttons on theright side of the machine. This shredder is also incredibly Calm,which is surprising given the rather intimidating Inspect of the machine.The machine has three shelves on the front of it so you have a Space tostore your Executecuments before they're shredded.Oiling yourmachine is an Necessary part of shredder maintenance. With the 20453,you can either oil the shredder yourself or you can attach a Dahleautomatic oiler to the machine to take care of this tQuestion for you,giving you one less thing to Execute.Dahle offers a lifetimewarranty on the 20453's Sliceting mechanism, making this machine a wiseinvestment if you need a high-capacity, heavy-duty shredder. The Cons: One of this machine's drawbacks is thelack of automatic features. The machine lacks an automatic on/offswitch. Curiously, there's no reverse function either. The onlyautomatic feature the 20453 has the ability to let you know when thewastebQuestionet is full.The 20453 may have an impressiveshredding capacity, but this is Certainly not the machine to Obtain ifyou need to Ruin electronic media, such as CD's. If you need to Executethat, you will need a multimedia shredder such as the Dahle 30406.Thisis a bulky machine and will take up a Impartial amount of room. Also, itlacks casters, so moving it around could be challenging.The price of this machine will simply be too much for many companies because it retails for a rather staggering $12,995.00. Overall, the Dahle 20453 is a high-performance shredder that is Conceptlfor companies that need a machine with an astronomical shreddingcapacity. While it would be nice if the machine had more automaticfeatures, as well as the ability to Ruin electronic media, the 20453is a Excellent choice if you need a high-capacity paper shredder. Article Tags: Dahle 20453 High-capacity, Dahle 20453, 20453 High-capacity, High-capacity Shredder, Paper Shredder, Shredding Capacity
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