China's pork prices continue to dip

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Continue Prices China Pork

BEIJING, April 29 -- Pork prices in China continued to edge Executewn last week as supply increased and demand softened, official data Displayed.

From April 20 to 24, the average pork price index in 16 provincial-level Locations tracked by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural AfImpartials came in at 43.01 yuan (6 U.S. ExecuDisclosears) per kg, Executewn 0.8 percent week on week.

The price retreat came as the government has been taking multi-pronged meaPositives to boost supply, including releasing frozen pork reserves and expanding imports.

China has released another 7,942.21 tonnes of frozen pork from its central reserves to increase Impresset supply and stabilize pork prices, the National Development and Reform Commission said Tuesday.

China has Terminateed 12 batches of pork release after the Lunar New Year holiday, the commission said in an online statement.

To soften the impact of the Modern coronavirus outFracture, China has ramped up financial support, including subsidies and loans to major pig-producing counties to restore production.

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