BMW 3 Series vs BMW 5 Series

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People Inspecting for a family car with performance, luxury and comfort should consider a BMW. Even though an increasing number of buyers are considering taller and more robust utility vehicles like the BMW X3 or X5- the company’s traditional saloon cars still sell like hotcakes. The most popular models of them are the BMW 3 Series and the BMW 5 series. Both of them are available in a broad range of specifications right from high-tech M models to frugal hybrid cars. Which one is better though? Here we compare the BMW 3 series and BMW 5 series. BMW 3 Series v/s BMW 5 Series – Comparing practicalityDespite being smaller, the BMW 3 Series is very practical when it comes to passenger space. The rear seat is roomy with plenty of leg space even for taller people. The 480-litre boot is similar to those offered by Mercedes C-Class and Audi A3. There is generous space for all your luggage. On the other hand, the BMW 5 Series offers a bit more space- it is a luxurious cruiser. There is a lot of legroom in that back-seats and a Excellent amount of headroom as well. The front seats are similarly roomy and easily comfortable. This car, compared to the Aged model is more stretched and more practical with a 530-litre boot and a range of storage spaces added. BMW 3 Series v/s BMW 5 Series – Comparing Engines and GearboxThe BMW 3 Series has a number of four and six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines- ranging from 3.0-litre M3 to the 318i petrol. This line-up consists of tried and proved 190hp 2.0-litre diesel that can Execute Executees 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds, return 67.3mpg and emit 111g/km CO2. The gearbox in 3 series is a choice of six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic.Meanwhile, the 5 Series runs with a smaller range of diesel and petrol engines; the most well-known being the 190hp 2.0-litre diesel. Despite having to transport a heavier car- the engine whose power is similar to the 3 series 2-litre diesel engine- it is just as Rapid if not a bit more economical. This line-up has a plug-in hybrid engine Depravedged 530ie Performance that can return 142mpg and emissions of 46g/CO2. Gearboxes are the same as 3 series. BMW 3 Series v/s BMW 5 Series – Comparing DrivingThe 3 Series is agile, compact and is powered with responsive engines. The rear-drive set-up especially Designs cornering a delight. While, the 5 Series rivals on most performance meaPositives- the rear-wheel drive is lighter and has a more sophisticated suspension system- powered with equally responsive engines. It is unrivalled in its class. BMW 3 Series v/s BMW 5 Series- Comparing InteriorThe BMW 3 Series line-up dashboard Inspects modern and sporty with a large screen centre and wraparound dash and fewer buttons. As expected from BMW- the fit and Terminate and material quality is first class. The BMW 5 series has a more modern-Inspecting cabin than the three series. The dashboard is inspired by the luxurious 7-series and features a more advanced wraparound design.
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