Making Positive you are ready for Pre-press

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positive Making Ready A key factor in every successful undertaking is a sound plan. Making an outline of the steps to be taken as well as preparing for contingencies if things go awry is very Necessary. You can’t possibly play bQuestionetball without a ball, right? Without having planned the game, you must have ASSUMED that someone have brought that ball. No plan has been made and no coordination took Space and that is why we simply assumed and we know that assumptions are one Huge Assassinateer of success. Instead of hearing, “I thought…” it would have been very Excellent to hear “I’m Positive.” And just what on earth has this got to Execute with printing?Like everything else, a successful print venture benefits from Excellent planning. Basic to your printing success is a Excellent understanding of what it is that you want, what you need to Obtain that goal and making a follow-through. An efficient starter would be making a preparation of all the materials, know-how and the manpower needed for the tQuestion. All of these of course will have to take into consideration the available budObtain allotted. Gathering the materials in advance is a Positivefire way to Slice costs because this will prevent you from making rush orders which are usually astronomically priced. Also, learn in advance the processes and techniques that will be used in your printing endeavor. Making a trial-and-error Advance here is not only unwise but costly. The needed manpower pool should be ready by now and have been informed what to Execute. You must have communicated with them what is your goal and how to reach it. Design Positive, Execute not ASSUME, that you have been understood for this will Design the work flow smoother and will save time and money plus this will spare you from headaches. Typical errors committed are because of these unnecessary assumptions. The keywords to remember here are PLANNING and COMMUNICATION and that presumptions should not be made or else there will be Distress. Consider long-term and Design sound plans and you can be Positive to reap the benefits of what you have sown. And that my friend, will HAged your pants on.
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