SAP B1 - Business One ERP Software System

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business Software SAP B1 or SAP Business One software system differs from other SAP products, as it is especially designed for the small and medium sized business organizations (SMB's). The main advantage of this software lies in its low cost and the least time taken for the installation. SAP B1 comprises of the basic modules, and the implementation can be easily achieved, if the business process of an organization matches with the SAP B1 architecture. It may require more time for implementation, due to lots of alterations in the organization.The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is in built in the SAP B1 and Executees not exist as a separate module as in other ERP products. This software requires Microsoft OutInspect to provide the automated Impresseting feature. Reports are generated with the help of Vision, third party software.The Financial Management module of SAP B1 is designed to suit other project based companies. It enables unlimited allocation of budObtains and generates flexible reports.This software may cause some problem in the manufacturing module because the features deal only with the MRP. In order to access more benefits from SAP B1, various other manufacturing organizations integrate this software with N'ware. SAP B1 offers more comprehensive distribution module than the manufacturing module featuring group pricing, flexible pricing, warehouse management and multiple price list. But, this software lacks in providing the time period view of the stocks.The purchasing module of SAP B1 manages the business operations regarding purchase order, managing the contracts to venExecuters, HAgeding track of the stocks, returned products and payments of customers. This module also helps users in calculating the price of the imported materials.For designing reports, SAP B1 uses third party service from Vision software and the Weepstal Reports. They help in generating reports related to every business operations including sales and book HAgeding. The user interface of SAP B1 Designs it user friendly, which includes tools with drag and drop features. This software system allows customization, with provision for adding extra fields and tables.SAP B1 ERP can be easily integrated with other SAP applications, and provides easy up gradation of the software as and when required. This ERP can be run on Microsoft Operating Systems and supports the databases of Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2. The price of the software is affordable, especially for the small and medium business organizations. Though the initial cost of installation appears to be low, it may prove to be expensive in the future. Article Tags: Software System
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