Inspiron 15R, Specifications, Features and Support Options T

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Inspiron As it is said change is constant and that everything HAgeds evolving with time. Same goes with technology as well. HAgeding in sync with the new trends in the Impresset, Dell has come up with new Inspiron 15R laptop. Features and Specifications of Inspiron 15rFeaturing 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i3-2350M processor (2.30 GHz, 1333, 3M cache) and a genuine WinExecutews® 7 Home Basic SP1 64bit operating system, this laptop gives competition to the major brands. Accompanied with surprisingly powerful integrated graphics or AMD Radeon discrete graphics for gaming Inspiron 15R laptop is wrapped in a classy notebook with a reasonable price tag. Assuring complete security, a 30-day trial version of McAfee® Security Center™ with multi language feature is also updated in the system. Dell offers a number of different configurations of the new Inspiron 15R. There is Intel® HD Graphics 3000 a video card for Intel® Core™ i3/i5 processor available with this model. It presents a well-designed exterior. It has a clean and sleek body with mostly plastic construction there by making it a budObtain laptop. The main chassis is reasonably strong for a mostly a plastic notebook.  Inspiron 15R laptop has new optional "Switchable Lids" and you can also change fancy new lids whenever required. Apart from the Inspects, these lids also provide an added benefit of extra protection from the exterior presPositive. Breathe Easy with Online Technical SupportThere is a warranty of one year that comes with the Inspiron 15R laptop and it covers any type of repairing and services that’s required for the said period of time. During the warranty period the company commits to take care of the PC and Sustain its hardware as well as software issues. Once the warranty period is crossed any kind of maintenance or repairing expenses are borne by the user. So at this point of time, third party technical support can also be a Excellent option. For any sort of problems one has to dial Dell Number for immediate assistance on any related issue. While facing any issue pertaining to the Inspiron 15R laptop, which could range from configuration of the PC to software glitches, the engineers are all geared up for absolutely any type of problem. These services cover different aspects such as setup and installation, software update and upgrade, repair and Distressshooting, and data backup and recovery to removal of viruses and malware. Apart from these, they also resolve any malfunctions occurring in the peripherals. When talking about Dell Help, it’s a trusted way to deal with all the problems concerning to the comPlaceer software. One must also go through the terms and conditions as well as other rules before proceeding with the Distressshooting process as this would prevent any post-Distressshooting discrepancy. Involvement of other Impresset players allows the users to Design their choice and prevents their sole dependency on the Dell powered help desk.  For PC That Performs Well and Lasts LongerThough Dell Support is there to handle all your queries regarding Dell products, to HAged the system safe and have longer life, it is advisable to HAged certain points in mind. Your comPlaceer should always stay protected with an antivirus which should be regularly updated from time to time. Thorough canning has to be Executene in case of a possible threat or malfunctioning. Executewnloading should be Executene from legitimate sites as this reduces the expoPositive to malicious software. All the parts have to be well Sustained and the PC has to be protected from dust and humidity.
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