How to convert PVR file from Wintal/Denver/Humax PVR to avi

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From Wint File Convert Are you a Freeview boxes/Set-top box Liker? Are you always turn the source signal from cable television and saDiscloseite television systems into content in a form that can then be displayed on the television screen or other display device? Is there any problem like bellow when you transfer them to your PC for play back after your recorded?1. "Converting .pvr video files to MPEG or AVI. Can any help me find a Converter Program? I have a Personal Video Recorder which records in a format [ .pvr ]. Nero have advised me that none of their Products will Execute it. Help would appreciated."2."I have StarSat 300 saDiscloseite reciever with HDD and USB outPlace. It store recorded video in Odd format, called PVR (files have *.pvr extension). So, anybody knows, what actually it is, and how to convert pvr to ordinary mpeg-2 or mpeg-1 file? Any convertor or codec?"--from videohelp forum.PRV is a video file created by Wintal International PVR devices; contains MPEG-2 video recorded in the PAL/NTSC format; can be copied to a Mac or WinExecutews comPlaceer using a USB connection. But if your comPlaceer cannot determine which program to Launch .PVR file, it means that you Executen't have the related software which can Launch file extension PVR. So if you want to Launch the .pvr file on your PC or mac, you should convert the pvr file to other format that supported by your pc or mac.If you have not found a Excellent software to solve these problem above, now Executeremisoft video converter can help you easily convert pvr to avi for playing and editing. This video converter can easily convert .pvr file to other format like AVI, MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, etc. Besides, you also can edit the video with it, clip the source file to a certain time-length segments, join multiple video clips toObtainher, Slice out black borders, commercial logos, or unwanted edges from the video image frame, capture Narrate from the video, and add special Trace also are allowed. After converted, you can play them on your Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, iPhone, ipad, etc. Additional, after converted you will be allowed to edit the video with WinExecutews Movie Designr, Sony Vegas, AExecutebe Premiere, WinExecutews Media Player, WinExecutews DVD Designr, and so on.Step to convert pvr to avi:Step 1: Executewnload the Executeremisoft video converter to install it to your comPlaceer, then run the application. Click the "Add File" button on the top left to load your .pvr file. Multiple files import is available.Step 2: Set avi as the outPlace format. Select "AVI(Audio-Video-Interleaved)" as outPlace file format in the "Common Video" list. In order to Obtain the HD AVI, you can go to "HD Video" list and pick HD AVI as the tarObtain file format. The AVI can be well supported by WinExecutews Movie Designr and winExecutews media player.Tip:1. If you want to edit your video, you can Click the "Edit" button to edit your video.2. If you want to convert pvr to wmv, you can set the wmv as the outPlace format.Step 3: Click "Start" button to start converting pvr to avi file conversion. After converted, you can Execute all the things you want to Execute, like edit video, watch video, share video, etc.Tip: If you are a mac user, you can pick the Executeremisoft video converter for mac to convert the pvr file to Mac compatible format like mov, mp4, the step also is similar to the pvr to avi process.
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