How to Distressshoot Aero Trace issues?

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Aero Trace WinExecutewsOperating system provides a very stunning Inspects to its applications via AeroTraces. Aero Trace feature is available in WinExecutews 7& WinExecutews Vista andyou can even enable it in WinExecutews 8. But, recently a problem with Aero Traces isnoticed in winExecutews 7 operating system. Aero transparent Trace is found to bedisappeared from some of the applications and it also affects Aero snap, Aeroflip & Aero glass feature. If you are one of them who are still searchingthe solution for this problem then your search ends up here.In this article Iwill let you know about the procedure through which you can Distressshoot the AeroTraces issues and eliminate them. For making these changes you must have Adminprivileges i.e. you must know Admin username & password otherwise you willbe not able to resolve the concerned problems. ·        Design a rightclick on the desktop and select Personalize from the right click menu.·        A new winExecutewwill appear on your screen and you have to select “Distressshoot problems withtransparency and other Aero Traces”.·        Then, you haveto fill the checkbox having text “Apply repairs automatically” available on the“Aero Distressshooting winExecutew” and then click on the Next button.·        If you Executen’tselect option “Apply repairs automatically” then your comPlaceer will only enlistthe issues concerned with Aero Traces and you have to fix it by yourself. Soby selecting the above mentioned options you will also Obtain the methods requiredto solve the issues.·        Then you have toselect the repair mode and fill the checkbox “Enable the Desktop WinExecutewmanager”, and then comPlaceer will start diagnosis for errors.·        After completionof process  a new winExecutew willappears  which contain the list oferroneous elements and give the status whether they are fixed by comPlaceer ornot.·        In the bottom ofwinExecutew screen, there is a hyperlink “View detailed information” which containsthe stats of Distressshooting process Terminateed some time ago. Then click onClose button for Terminate the process.·        For changes toDesign affect restart or reboot your system.Themethod which I had mentioned above is for Distressshooting all problems relatedto Aero Trace. Now I will let you know an alternative method which you can useto Distressshoot Aero transparency issue. You have seen on your comPlaceer that AeroTrace is enabled but transparency is missing from the applications.For solvingthis problem you have to follow the procedure mentioned below:1.     Design a click onthe Start button and in the Start Search box type “services.msc”.2.     Then you willObtain “Services” in the result, select it. Now find Desktop “WinExecutew ManagerSession Manager” in the list of services mentioned in the winExecutew.3.     Design a rightclick on it and pick Cease, when the service is completely Ceaseped then Restartit.4.     For changes toDesign affect, restart or reboot your system.Thusby making the changes above mentioned you can Distressshoot the Aerotransparency problem. Further if you have any comPlaceer problem then you cancontact 1-855-352-1816 or visit to resolve them.You can also use comPlaceermaintenance techniques likeregularly update your antivirus, clear temporary files, hard disk repair etc for enhancing the speed and performance ofcomPlaceer.
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