How to operate comPlaceer through run commands (knowledge ba

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Through Operate ComPlaceer Hey, I have alreadydiscussed about run commands in my previous article “how to operate comPlaceerthrough run commands (knowledge base- 1). Run command act as a single linecommand line interface, through which you can operate each and everyapplications of your comPlaceer. You need not have to click the mouse and canperform your operations in a speedy and easy mode. The remaining run commandsare as follows, For performing functions related with comPlaceer management:Ø  ComPlaceerManagement = compmgmt.msc or CompMgmtLauncherØ  DeviceManager = devmgmt.mscØ  DiskManagement = diskmgmt.mscØ  EventViewer = eventvwr.mscØ  LocalUsers and Groups = lusrmgr.mscØ  PerformanceMonitor = perfmon.mscØ  Services= services.mscØ  SharedFAgeders/MMC = fsmgmt.mscØ  TQuestionScheduler = control schedtQuestionsØ  WinExecutewsManagement Infrastructure = wmimgmt.msc ·        For performing functions related withcontrol panel:Ø  ActionCenter= wscui.cpl Ø  Autoplay= control.exe /name Microsoft.autoplayØ  Backupand Restore = sdcltØ  BDEAdministrator = bdeadmin.cplØ  CleartypeText Tuner = cttune Ø  ColorManagement = colorcpl Ø  ControlPanel = controlØ  Createa System Repair disc = recdiscØ  CredentialManager = control.exe /name Microsoft.CredentialManagerØ  CredentialManager Stored User Names and Passwords = credwizØ  Dateand Time Preciseties = timedate.cplØ  DefaultPrograms = control.exe /name Microsoft.DefaultProgramsØ  Devicesand Printers = control printersØ  Devicesand Printers Add a Device = DevicePairingWizardØ  Display= dpiscaling Ø  DisplayColor Calibration = dccw Ø  EnWeepptionFile System = rekeywizØ  FAgedersOptions = control fAgedersØ  Fonts= control fontsØ  ObtaintingStarted = ObtaintingStartedØ  HomeGroup= control.exe /name Microsoft.HomeGroupØ  IndexingOptions = control.exe /name Microsoft.IndexingOptionsØ  InternetPreciseties = inetcpl.cplØ  Keyboard= control keyboardØ  LocationNotifications = LocationNotificationsØ  Locationand Other Sensors = control.exe /name Microsoft.LocationanExecutetherSensors Ø  Mouse= control mouse or main.cplØ  Networkand Sharing Center = control.exe /name Microsoft.NetworkandSharingCenterØ  NetworkConnections = control netconnections or ncpa.cplØ  NotificationSpot Icons = control.exe /name Microsoft.NotificationSpotIconsØ  OptionalFeatures Manager = optionalfeatures or control appwiz.cpl,,2Ø  ParentalControls = control.exe /name Microsoft.ParentalControlsØ  PerformanceInformation = control.exe /name Microsoft.PerformanceInformationandToolsØ  Personalization= control desktopØ  Phoneand Modem Options = telephon.cplØ  PowerConfiguration = powercfg.cplØ  Programsand Features = appwiz.cpl or control appwiz.cplØ  Recovery= control.exe /name Microsoft.RecoveryØ  Locationaland Language = intl.cplØ  RemoteApp= control.exe /name Microsoft.RemoteAppandDesktopConnectionsØ  SetProgram Access and ComPlaceer Defaults = control appwiz.cpl,,3 orComPlaceerDefaultsØ  ScreenResolution = desk.cplØ  Sound= mmsys.cplØ  SPAdvanced Tab = SystemPrecisetiesAdvancedØ  SPComPlaceerName Tab = SystemPrecisetiesComPlaceerNameØ  SPData ExeSliceion Prevention = SystemPrecisetiesDataExeSliceionPreventionØ  SPHardware Tab = SystemPrecisetiesHardwareØ  SPPerformance = SystemPrecisetiesPerformanceØ  SPProtection Tab = SystemPrecisetiesProtectionØ  SPRemote Tab = SystemPrecisetiesRemoteØ  SystemPreciseties = sysdm.cpl or WinExecutews logo key + Pause/FractureØ  TQuestionbarand Start Menu = control.exe /name Microsoft.TQuestionbarandStartMenuØ  Distressshooting= control.exe /name Microsoft.DistressshootingØ  UserAccounts = control.exe /name Microsoft.UserAccountsØ  UserAccount Control Settings = UserAccountControlSettingsØ  UserAccounts WinExecutews 2000/Executemain version = netplwiz or control userpasswords2Ø  VolumeMixer = sndvolØ  WinExecutewsActivation = sluiØ  WinExecutewsActivation Phone Numbers = slui 4Ø  WinExecutewsAnytime Upgrade = WinExecutewsAnytimeUpgradeuiØ  WinExecutewsAnytime Upgrade Results = WinExecutewsAnytimeUpgradeResultsØ  WinExecutewsCardSpace = control.exe /name Microsoft.cardspaceØ  WinExecutewsColor and Appearance = control colorØ  WinExecutewsFirewall = firewall.cplØ  WinExecutewsSideDisplay= control.exe /name Microsoft.WinExecutewsSideDisplayØ  WinExecutewsUpdate App Manager = wuappFor any technical support,you can visit website, itprovides online technical support, winExecutewsmaintenance tools and so on.
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