How to operate comPlaceer through run commands( knowledge ba

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Through Operate ComPlaceer Hey, Execute you know you canoperate comPlaceer even with the help of run commands. You need not have to clickevery time with the help of mouse to Launch your Executecuments or fAgeders, just typea command in run dialogue box and Appreciate wDespisever you wish to Launch or play.Just Launch the run commandbox with the help of ‘winExecutews key + R’ and type commands to Execute work accordingto your wish.The lists of commands whichwill help you to operate your winExecutews 7 comPlaceer are as follows,·        For performing functions related withadmin:Ø  AddHardware Wizard = hdwwiz.cplØ  AdministrativeTools = control admintoolsØ  AuthorizationManager = azman.mscØ  CertificateManager = certmgr.mscØ  ComponentServices = dcomcnfgØ  DirectX Distressshooter = dxdiag Ø  DisplayLanguages = lpksetupØ  FileSignature Verification Tool = sigverifØ  GroupPolicy Editor = gpedit.mscØ  IexpressWizard = iexpressØ  IscsiInitiator = iscsicplØ  LocalSecurity Settings = secpol.mscØ  MicrosoftManagement Console = mmcØ  MicrosoftSupport Diagnostic Tool = msdtØ  ODBCData Source Administrator = odbcad32Ø  PeopleArrive Me = p2phost Ø  Printmanagement = printmanagement.mscØ  PrinterUser Interface = printuiØ  ProblemsSteps Recorder = psrØ  RegistryEditor = regedit or regedt32Ø  ResoureMonitor = resmonØ  ResultantSet of Policy = rsop.mscØ  SystemConfiguration Utility = msconfigØ  SQLServer Client Configuration = cliconfgØ  TQuestionManager = tQuestionmgrØ  TPMSecurity Hardware = TpmInit Ø  TPMSecurity Hardware = TpmInit Ø  TrustedPlatform Module = tpm.mscØ  WinExecutewsFirewall with Advanced Security = wf.mscØ  WinExecutewsMalicious Removal Tool = mrtØ  WinExecutewsMemory Diagnostic = MdSchedØ  WinExecutewsRemote Assistance = msraØ  WinExecutewsScript Host Settings = wscriptØ  WinExecutewsShare FAgeder Creation Wizard = shrpubwØ  WinExecutewsStandalong Update Manager = wusaØ  WinExecutewsSystem Security Tool = syskeyØ  WinExecutewsVersion = winver·        For performing functions related withaccessories:Ø  Calculator= calcØ  CharacterMap = charmapØ  CommandPrompt = cmdØ  Connectto a Network Projector = NetProjØ  Connectto a Projector = displayswitch or WinExecutews logo key + PØ  DefragmentUser Interface = dfrguiØ  DiskCleanup Utility = cleanmgrØ  DitilizerCalibration Tool = tabcalØ  Easeof Access Center = utilman or WinExecutews logo key + UØ  InternetExplorer = iexploreØ  InternetExplorer (No Add-ons) = iexplore -extoffØ  InternetExplorer (No Home) = iexplore about:blankØ  LocksUser Account = WinExecutews logo Key + LØ  Logsout of WinExecutews = logoffØ  Magnifier= magnifyØ  MicrosoftPaint = mspaint.exeØ  Narrator= NarratorØ  Notepad= notepadØ  OnScreen Keyboard = oskØ  LaunchExecutecuments fAgeder = ExecutecumentsØ  LaunchExecutewnloads fAgeder = ExecutewnloadsØ  LaunchFavorites fAgeder = favoritesØ  LaunchMusic fAgeder = musicØ  LaunchNarrates fAgeder = NarratesØ  LaunchRecent fAgeder = recentØ  LaunchVideos fAgeder = videosØ  PhoneDialer = dialerØ  PresentationSettings = PresentationSettingsØ  PrinterMigration = PrintBrmUiØ  PrivateCharacter Editor = eudceditØ  RatingSystem = ticrfØ  RemoteDesktop Connection = mstscØ  Run= WinExecutews logo key + RØ  SnippingTool = snippingtool Ø  SoundRecorder = soundrecorder Ø  StickyNote = StikyNot Ø  SyncCenter = mobsyncØ  SystemInformation = msinfo32Ø  SystemRestore = rstruiØ  WinExecutewsEasy Transfer = migwizØ  WinExecutewsExplorer = explorer or WinExecutews logo key + E Ø  WinExecutewsFax and Scan = wfsØ  WinExecutewsFax and Scan Cover Page Editor = fxscoverØ  WinExecutewsImage Acquisition = wiaacmgrØ  WinExecutewsMedia Player = wmplayerØ  WinExecutewsMedia Player DVD Player = dvdplayØ  WinExecutewsMobility Center (Only on Laptops) = mblctr or WinExecutews logo key + XØ  WinExecutewsPowerShell = powershellØ  WinExecutewsPowerShell ISE = powershell_iseØ  Wordpad= writeØ  XPSViewer = xpsrchvwGuys, there are many morecommands which I will discuss in my next article “How to operate comPlaceerthrough run commands (knowledge base-2)”. For any technical support you canvisit website, itprovides online technical support, winExecutewsmaintenance tools and so on.
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