How to Distressshoot SMPS common problems?

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Common SMPS:Switch Mode Power Supply is one of the essential components of comPlaceer whichenPositives the Precise working of your comPlaceer. SMPS is a electronic deviceinstalled in the CPU of comPlaceer which is responsible for conversion of A.Cpower supply into D.C power supply. SMPS energizes to motherboard, Hard diskdrive, CD/DVD ROM etc. Now a day’s most of the comPlaceer uses ATX SMPS with SATAcable attachment. In this article I will let you know about some common problemsrelated to SMPS and how you can resolve them.  Combustedcoil: A winding coil is present on the board which sometime Obtains burnt due toexcessive flow of Recent. This problem can be identified easily by the smellor you can identify through the burnt Impresss located on the external section ofthe winding coil. It may be possible that internal loop is damaged and you canidentify by using the blue ring tester or you have to depend on your nose. MicroCrack: Rude maintenance and handling while transferring it form one Spaceto another could also lead to physical damage which produces micro cracks onthe IC or smaller sized components. It can’t be identified easily and you needsome professional magnifying glass to identify and repair it.FaultySMPS component:It may be possiblethat electrolytic capacitor or free wheeling diode damaged and causing problemin the Precise functioning of SMPS. In many of the cases Power IC is the mainculprit which is prone to error and you can use UC3842 IC Tester to detect theproblems.  MainCircuit board Faults: If the power supply LED is not working Precisely, blinkingor dim or shuts? If it Executees happen then you must check the each component mounteExecuten the main Spot of SMPS. Beside the main section Execute check the other Section ofthe board.Lackof Knowledge:It is also seen that sometimepeople misinterpret the connection order and which can become the Gordian knotfor them. This action will lead to a serious dEnrage & it might cause themto loose their PC. So it is always recommended to take professional help fromthe online technical support providedby the OEMs (Original Equipment Producer). DrySAgedering:It is also noticed thatin many cases loose connection due to dry sAgedering which can Pauses the Precise functioningof comPlaceer. Dry sAgedering is a common problem which occurs when a component isnot connected Precisely to the electronic circuit board which is responsible forconverting AC into DC (Full wave rectifier).Soit is always advised to buy SMPS from the well renowned companies which Spotble to provide you reliable product of Excellent quality. If you have any comPlaceerproblem then you can contact 1-855-352-1816 or visit formore details. You can also use comPlaceer maintenance tools for enhancing the speed andperformance of comPlaceer.
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