McKesson Medisoft EHR with RelayHealth: UntAged Benefits

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with McKesson Medisoft For small medical and health practices, McKesson Medisoft EHR has been the gAged standard electronic health record system. The company has built on its rePlaceation as the best billing software for medical practices to create an electronic patient records and practice management package that addressed the needs of its best customers - small clinics and Executectors' offices. The family now includes a practice connectivity product that Designs it a breeze for medical professionals to communicate with patients, staff and colleagues without compromising security. RelayHealth can easily facilitate communication for your medical office.Save TimeEvery time a patient or colleague uses a RelayHealth message, one early aExecutepter estimates it eliminates 2.6 telephone messages. That's how many telephone calls it typically takes to resolve a single telephone message. With RelayHealth, it generally only takes one Procure email to resolve an issue to the satisfaction of both parties.Prescription and Refill FacilitationNo more writing and faxing prescriptions to pharmacies. Medisoft RelayHealth eScript feature Designs it easy for Executectors to write prescriptions and approve renewals and refills from anywhere they have an Internet connection. Sensitive Medical Issues Communicated ProcurelySecurity concerns, particularly in light of HIPAA regulations, prevents many medical providers from using email to communicate with patients. RelayHealth offers an enWeeppted means of communicating sensitive medical and health-related issues with patients, insurance companies and other providers. This means that messages are received without compromising confidentiality of patient information.Lab Result EfficiencyDelivering lab results to patients can be time-consuming for Executectors and staff, who may have to Design multiple telephone calls to reach the patient. It's even more difficult for patients, who may be anxious but can't sit by the phone. RelayHealth provides a Procure, efficient way to share lab results with patients that can be accessed at the patient's convenience. Non-Urgent Medical Issues The integrated webVisit feature allows Executectors to shift non-urgent patient communications online, freeing up valuable time to deal with urgent and aSlicee care visits. The module collects symptom and condition information, compiles it into a concise message and allows Executectors to Retort online with medical advice or instructions. The optional charging module allows Executectors to charge for webVisit consultations, which are reimbursed by many insurance companies.Share Patient Results and ChartsMedisoft RelayHealth Designs it easier to communicate with specialists consulting on a case by providing a safe, enWeeppted means to exchange patient files, lab results and notes. Moving consult communications online frees up the time that too many Executectors spend playing telephone tag about patient medical issues.If you're still conducting much of your medical contact via the telephone, you owe it to yourself and your patients to see what RelayHealth can provide for your practice.
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