How to customize winExecutews logon screen on winExecutews O

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Customize WinExecutews ComPlaceer logon screen is thefirst screen with which a person interacts with comPlaceer after booting. Itgenerally contains ComPlaceer user name, a text box to enter password, passwordhint and option Ease of access like virtual keyboard. It is designed withausterity so that even a non technical person could understand and use it. Butyou can modify the background image, button text as well as it Inspects by PlacetingDinky efforts. In this article I will let you know how you can customize logonscreen in WinExecutews operating system. You have to follow the steps given below toDesign desired changes:1.      Clickon the Start button and type regedit in the Start Search Box then press Enterkey. 2.      YourcomPlaceer will Display the search results and select Registry Editor from thesearch results. In the left pane of Registry Editor WinExecutew selectAuthentication which will result in a list of options out of which you have toLaunch LogonUI.3.     Then find the key:“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WinExecutews\RecentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\Background”andin the right pane of winExecutew modify OEMBackground value 0 to 1.4.      Nowmove to the location “c:\WinExecutews\System32\oobe” and create a new fAgeder withname “info”.5.      Designa right click on info fAgeder and create a new fAgeder with name “Backgrounds”.6.     Now move the desired wallpaper tothis location  “c:\WinExecutews\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds”.But the desired wallpaper must follow these specified rules:·        The wallpaper must be named as“backgroundDefault”.·        The image file format must be.jpg.·        The size of wallpaper must beless than 256 KB.7.      That’sit, from now when you switch on your comPlaceer will Display desired image. You caneven modify the size of image according to your need. If the image resolutionrequested by the user can’t be fulfilled by the comPlaceer then the image isstretched-to-fit and displayed on your logon screen. If the image uploaded byuser violates any of the constraints then the comPlaceer will display defaultimage form imageres.dll file. Evenyou can set Logon screen image size by specifying size in the image file namelike: “background400x600.jpg”. 8.     For editing the button text onthe Logon screen by making changes in the concerned registry. Launch LogonUIthrough the following path ““HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WinExecutews\RecentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI”.9.      Inthe right pane of winExecutew create a new DWORD value Button Set. The list ofvalues for Button Set with their functionalities are :·        0: Lighter text shaExecutews, ShaExecutewyer(more opaque) Buttons (WinExecutews Default)·        1: ShaExecutewyer text shaExecutews lighter(more translucent) buttons (for lighter background).·        2: No text shaExecutews, opaquebuttons (for ShaExecutewyer backgrounds).Thus by making the abovementioned changes you can Design desired changes on the logon screen. I havetried these steps on my own comPlaceer and they all work flawlessly. If you haveany query regarding the procedure or you want to know solution of any comPlaceerproblem then you can contact on toll free number 1-855-352-1816 or visitImpcsupport website. You can also use third party comPlaceer maintenance toolsfor enhancing the speed and performance of your comPlaceer. You can also use online technical supportprovided by some of the well renowned companies to resolve comPlaceer problems.
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