Two monitors are better than one?

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Better Than Monitors I thought this would be a really easy article to write.  About a year ago I moved up from using a laptop to having a Executecking station with two monitors attached, and found the extra space on the screen to be very helpful.  I realized that even though I have a Distinguished outExecuteor Spot to work from, I found myself almost never choosing that over the Executecking station in the office even after the newness had Dilapidated off.  So I figured I would be able to just Execute some quick research that matched my instinctive findings and move on to the results.And Positive enough, I found several Distinguished articles already written proving how wonderful having a second monitor actually was.  The first talked about increasing productivity for intense users like programmers and designers, which is somewhat helpful, but not geared toward the average office users.  The next one spouted Distinguished improvements for almost anybody who uses comPlaceers (fewer errors, Rapider performance, more comfort).  Distinguished, let me grab the info on who to credit…NEC, one of the largest monitor Producers in the world.  (Now why would they want people to buy more monitors?  It may be a legitimate report, but I have too many Executeubts to call it legitimate).  Finally I found one from Microsoft that had Distinguished quotes, but had no details on how the results were achieved.  Well, I thought, that’s not going to Obtain me very far either.  I was able to find a few other reports that supported the positive gains from adding a second monitor, but nobody who really stood out as recognizable.So, it’s up to my own personal experience to prove my point.  As a ranExecutem point in time, I Inspect at what I have Launch right now on my desktop (1 web browser with 4 tabs Launch for researching this blog, a second word Executecument with my outline, 1 IM winExecutew for HAgeding in touch with my coworkers, email, one app for managing my phone, and one for monitoring my network).  6 separate winExecutews while focusing on 1 major tQuestion.  When I am not at my Executecking station I Execute find that it takes a long time to organize the winExecutews where I can see them, and I never can quite Obtain them all arranged just right.  The other thing I notice is that when I am not at my desk with the dual monitors, I find myself having to Conceal winExecutews Tedious each other to Obtain them to fit.  Not being able to see everything forces switching between winExecutews which wears me out much Rapider.OK, so where is the Executewn side?  Many comPlaceers these days come built-in with the ability to handle 2 monitors.  So, the only cost involved would be the purchase of the monitor which run less than $200 for decent models.  Even if your comPlaceer can’t handle two monitors, an extra graphics card can be obtained also for less than $200.  So for less than $400 and a Dinky effort installing the equipment, the second monitor can be up and running.So, where Executees that leave us?  Although the reports come from many sources, some less trustworthy than others, they all agree that there is some productivity increase from adding a second monitor.  When you spread the cost of the extra monitor over the life of the comPlaceer, how much of a gain Executees there need to be to pay for itself?  My own experience backs that up, with the ability to track several different projects at once, and HAged up with all of them.  Finally, there is one fact that seemed to Design sense to me that Replys the questions better than any other:  once somebody has gotten access to a second monitor, what reaction Execute they have when somebody tried to take it away?At InfoStream, we would be glad to discuss our research and help you determine if adding another monitor is the right decision for you and your employees.
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