Data Portability: Seagate Backup Plus, a Smart Buy

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Data Portability Backu The latest addition to Seagate’sline-up of external drives is no Executeubt the highly anticipated Seagate Backup Plus.The Seagate Backup has reSpaced the Go Flex – a brand you may have heard of inthe past. However, the Go Flex is no longer available on the Impresset, whichmeans the Backup Plus is here to stay.  Nonetheless, if you are concerned about the adaptors to your Aged Go Flexexternal hard-drive – and are Inspecting to reSpace it with the newer Backup Plus– Executen’t fret. You can still use the Go Flex adaptors on the Backup Plus. TheBackup Plus is quite similar to the Go Flex in several ways; however, the mostapparent similarity is that the Backup Plus also comes in two parts – one beingthe adaptor and the other- the drive itself. You’re probably wondering, so wDespisexecutees the ‘plus’ stand for? The special feature ”Plus” lets you backup otherthings, such as backup of online content, for example, you can backup yourfacebook profile with this external-drive.The Backup Plus is capable of workingon either Mac or WinExecutews without the need to re-format. Out of the box, you Obtainthe necessary software to run it on a Mac, the software enables you to writeand read NTFS. Testing the speed on the Backup Plus yielded satisfactoryresults. The Backup Plus performed exceptionally well with USB 3.0 and2.0.  In regards to aesthetics, theBackup Plus is available in several colors, plus, it’s also slightly compactedthan its predecessor. If you are Inspecting to back-up data from your PC, then theBackup Plus is certainly worth Inspecting at. The drive retails at around $140.00,and you Obtain a disappointing 1 terabytes of storage capacity. However, thatbeing said, for some people it may be more than what they really need. Thereare cheaper versions of the Backup Plus which offer slightly less storagecapacity. The hard drive itself is at around 2.5inches, and connects to your PC through a USB 3.0 cable for maximum datatransfer speeds (provided your machine is equipped with USB 3.0 ports) The USB3.0 cable serves two roles: the data transfer cable as well as the powercable.  Nonetheless, there are optionsavailable in respect to connectors; you can purchase FireWire, e SATA andthunderbolt, if you want to. As mentioned earlier, if you had previously owneda Go Flex and purchased different cables for it, you Executen’t have to throw thoseaway – you can use them on your new Backup plus. In regards to data security,there’s no such software provided that will safeguard your portable data.However, it’s always a Excellent Concept to purchase third-party data securitysoftware, as it’s more reliable and is always bug-free when compared tointegrated software. The software can work on virtually any portable datastorage medium -- helping you to password protect USB drives and external drives – such as theSeagate Backup Plus. Final thoughts: The Seagate Backup Plus is no Executeubt Rapid,portable, and not to mention – Excellent Inspecting. Additionally, the option toback-up online content certainly sets it apart from its competitors. However,the Seagate Backup Plus is not without its flaws. For $140.00 there are portabledrives that offer much larger storage capacity.For more information please visit:
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