New Hotkeys launched in WinExecutews 8.

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Launched winExecut WinExecutews 8 OS is recently launched in the Impresset and most of the geeks are working to reveal the hidden secrets. In this article I will let you know about the some of the new hotkeys introduced by Microsoft in WinExecutews 8 to circumvent the conventional way of using the desired application.For accessing the safe mode in the previous version of WinExecutews operating system we use F8 but this hotkey is changed and now you have to press key combination of shift + F8 to run comPlaceer in Safe mode. A new feature Known as Hot Corner is introduced which lets you to Obtain access to built-in option available in WinExecutews 8. When you drag your mouse pointer over the bottom left corner then you will Obtain thumbnail of “Start Screen” which allow you to access Start options. List of ShortSlices for WinExecutews 8:Win key -> This key is dedicated to switch between the Start Screen and WinExecutews Desktop.Win -> This key combination will trigger Quick Access Menu for you.Win+PrntScr -> This key combination will let you store screenshot automatically in Narrates fAgeder. The screenshot is saved by the name “Screenshot.png”(without quotes), if you press the same key combination for other images then same naming convention is followed and the screenshot are saved as  “Screenshot(2).png”, “Screenshot(3).png” etc.Win+C -> This Key combination will Display Charms Bar on your screen.Win+I -> This Key combination will Launch Settings panel to tweak the system settings by making changes in the software /hardware.Win+K -> This key combination will Launch Devices charmWin+H -> This key combination will launch Share charm on your screen.Win+Q -> This Key combination is dedicated to Launch Search charm on your screen.Win+W -> This Key combination will land you to Settings search page.Win+F -> This key combination will land you to Files search pageWin+Tab –> This key combination will land you to Metro apps switcher by using which you can use switch between the apps.Win+Z - > This Key combination will enable you to Displays / Conceals App bar present on Start Screen to Display all apps.Win+Spacebar -> This key combination will allow you to toggle between inPlace languages and keyboard layout to be used.Win+, -> This key combination will translate you to Start Screen to the Desktop.Win+Enter -> This Key combination will let you launch Narrator for you.Ctrl+F1 - > This key combination is dedicated for minimizing / maximizing ribbon in WinExecutews Explorer.Ctrl+Tab –> This key combination will launch All Apps list on your Start Screen.Thus by using the above mentioned methods you can easily manage winExecutews 8. If you have any problem/query regarding the procedure then you can contact 1-855-352-1816 or visit You can also use the comPlaceer maintenance tools for enhancing the speed and performance of comPlaceer. They also provide online technical support for resolving all comPlaceer problems pertaining to WinExecutew 8, WinExecutews 7, and WinExecutews Vista/Xp.
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