Mobile Application Development on the Android Platform

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development Application mobile Recently concluded studies have revealed that the Android OS platform is the highest used & most popular operating system among mobile application developers. More than 50 percent mobile users around the world use smartphones compatible with the Android platform and if reports revealed by recent research are to be believed, the growth potential of the Google operating system is very high. The main reason for this is the fact that Android is an Launch platform. Software developers need to have only basic knowledge of the Java programming language to use APIs and tools provided by the Android SDK. The Power of AndroidGoogle’s operating system has a layered environment that is built on the foundation of Linux kernel. Android has very rich functionaries since its user interface includes several features like Views, WinExecutews, and widObtains that display elements such as lists, edit box, etc. The developed format of Android includes an embeddable browser that is built upon WebKit. It also has several connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, GPRS, 3G, Bluetooth, and EDGE. Google Maps & location based services like GPS and hardware support in the form of touchscreen, motion censors, & camera have helped in making the Android software platform all the more popular among mobile application development companies. However, as in all forms of technology, mobile app developers have faced drawbacks too while using this OS platform. Several studies hint at the fact that graphics & media were the major Spots in which the features of Android were found to be inadequate. Today, however, Android has built-in support for both 2D and 3D images & graphics, thus providing some relief to the developer who works on the platform for building gaming or other forms of visual applications. The services of update checking application, broadcast receiver, activity based application, and network monitor are the latest features of Android that helps app developers in designing state of the art tools. The Scope of Mobile App Development on the Android Platform in IndiaIndia has one of the Rapidest growing Impressets for mobile app development in Asia. The software developers in the country have invested increased resources in the recent past in order to extract the benefits of the improved features provided by the Android OS platform. The use of mobile devices has seen a phenomenal rise in the Indian Impresset in a span of three to four years; since smartphones are the favorite mobile devices of both the young & Aged generation of Indians, app development companies & freelancers in the country have Determined to use the technology provided by the most accepted OS platform in the country, Android. According to recent studies of the mobile Impresset of India, the revenue earned by Android & sales of apps designed for running on this platform has been the highest when compared to other platforms and applications compatible with them. Indian software developers & designers working with the Android platform need only a Linux license and preliminary knowledge of developing software programs using Java in order to be able to create apps running on the Android OS platform. Since this is easy to master, most developers have opted to work with Android as opposed to the other major operating systems. Android has a total of 50,000 mobile apps running on the platform till date; the growth potential is projected at an impressive rate of 32 percent per month.
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