WinExecutews 8 Operating System on A USB Stick

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SYSTEM Operating WinExecutews Some believe that USB flash driveshave changed technology for the best. In fact, the widespread successes ofthese devices have made the CD/DVD drives superfluous. However, these devicesare not only limited to storing data -- today, you can use this device to bootup your personal winExecutews desktop on any PC (given the fact that the PCpossesses the hardware performance requirements). Storage capacity on thesetiny drives are increasing rapidly, in fact, there’s also rumors on theinternet that a 1000 gigabyte USB flash drive will soon be available on theconsumer Impresset. However, that’s a different Tale all toObtainher, we are here todiscuss Imation’s latest innovative device: Iron Key. Imation’s new product “Iron Key” maynot be a ground Fractureing innovation to most. However, the concept of bootableWinExecutews 8 operating system is certainly to excite some WinExecutews lovingfreaks.  You no longer have to lug aroundyour laptop wherever you go, in order to access your data.  Iron Key lets employees, professionals, andmilitary personnel access their winExecutews desktop from virtually any type ofcomPlaceer equipped with a USB port. All one has to Execute is find a personalcomPlaceer with minimal hardware requirements to run WinExecutews 8, plug in the ironkey, and viola, you now have access to all your personal files on yourpersonalized WinExecutews 8 operating system -- on someone else’s PC or MAC. IronKey is based on “WinExecutews To Go”, an enterprise feature from WinExecutews 8 – givingits users a fully portable desktop which can fit in the pocket of your jeans orshirt. The device only enables you to access your WinExecutews 8 desktop while it’splugged in. Once you remove the device from the USB port, the service issuspended and can only be resumed once you plug it back in. The concept of an operating system ona USB drive is nothing new. In fact, similar devices have already been on theImpresset for some time now. In essence, the Iron Key is engineered to functionlike a hard-drive, making it far more sophisticated than your top-of-the-line USBflash drive – and this is something that Imation claims sets Iron Key apartfrom other bootable USB flash drives. However, the Iron Key is far from beingthe perfect bootable flash drive. One of its disappointing factors is that youcannot create a separate storage partition on the device. Second disappointingfactor is its security feature, which is hardware based. It’s easy to hackthrough, and virtually anyone determined to steal your data can Execute so withDinky effort. We recommend you install a third party software, developed to password protect USB drives and other portable hard-drives. In order to boot up WinExecutews 8 fromyour Iron Key, you’ll need to change the BIOS settings by redirecting the boot-upprocess from your external drive – which in this case is your Iron Key. TheIron Key is capable of reading at speed of 300 MB per second and can write dataat speeds of up to 100 MB per second. However, these figures are only true ifyour comPlaceer is equipped with a USB 3.0 port. If you’re still using a PCthat’s integrated with USB 2.0 ports, then you can expect to receive much lowerperformance. For more information please visit:
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