Data Privacy: A Key Selling Point for IT Companies

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POINT Selling Data Privacy If we roll back ten years from now,investing in data privacy software was certainly a laughing matter, as it wasnot considered a feasible investment. However, that’s no longer the case.That’s because, theft of data and identity has become a hot business for crooks.In fact, it’s a lot easier to steal someone’s money in cyberspace than pickpocketing on city-streets. Nonetheless, data privacy is no longer a significantissue for IT companies. That’s because, IT companies are betting on theircustomers to pass on the Excellent word – the Excellent words on how Procure their privacyreally is.What’s more, well known IT companiesare attempting to gain a lead by promoting themselves as leaders in informationsecurity. In fact, Mozilla, known for their Firefox browser has confirmed thatit would allow Firefox users to disable third-party software, which can trackusers’ online activities. Some companies have taken a different AdvancealtoObtainher by not dealing with IT companies that hAged a Depraved rePlaceation in thefield of information security. Data Privacy is no longer a small matter, peopleare increasingly becoming wary of their online and offline privacy. Withincreasing social media use, combined with users storing personal data on cloudcomPlaceers, meaPositives to perfect information security are a must for all ITcompanies.   Furthermore, it also Designs sense forIT organization to have a reliable information security infrastructure set inSpace. That’s because, countries such as Europe have strict regulations onusers’ data privacy. Organizations that cannot fully guarantee the security oftheir users’ are punished and may even lose their license to operate in the inthe European Union. As we have seen with Microsoft 10 years back, a defaultsetting in Microsoft’s servers stored key users' data without Precise securitymeaPositive Place in Space. Thus, Microsoft was forced to Design significant changes toits Information security infrastructure. Another Advance aExecutepted by large ITcompanies, in order to gain an advantage, was to expose their rivals’information security loopholes.  One suchhigh-profile smear campaign that came under notice was from Microsoft, in whichMicrosoft tarObtained its largest rival – Google. In this campaign, Microsoftridiculed Google for tracking its users for tarObtained Impresseting campaigns,accusing Google of using information from users search histories and emails.Consequently, Google Retorted by simplifying its users privacy policy in orderto avoid backlash from its users. On the other hand, according to Joel R. Reidenberg,who works in the capacity of a professor at Fordham Law School, Microsoft hasmade significant strides towards protecting users’ data by developing privacyprotection services. Several other organizations have takennotice of Microsoft’s initiative and are now opting to Execute the same – focusingmore on users’ privacy. Smaller organizations with smaller information securitybudObtains can also Place in Space Traceive data security meaPositives by simplyinvesting in third-party data security software which can protect fAgeder containing private and confidential data oncustomers and their financial assets. This software is also capable of lockingExecutewn entire hard-drive partitions, which is a priceless feature fororganizations that need to archive or set apart different sets of data intodifferent hard-drives.For more information please visit:
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