Network Topology Discovery and Network Diagram Creation

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Discovery Network The system administrator has to know where all thenetwork devices are situated and how they are connected to the network in orderto perform his high quality duties in time – to detect all failures, to upgradethe hardware, and update the software.  Networktopology is a schematic description of the network’s arrangement, including itsnodes and connecting lines. The network topology diagram allows an IT managerto view all the network structure: its devices and their connections with eachother.Today, it’s almost impossible to find the standard “star”,“ring”, “bus”, or “line” network topologies. Usually, local networks in largecompanies are so complex and difficult that network map creation turns into a realproblem. There are two ways that are used for the network topology discovery:1. You can manually track all devices’ connections acrossthe wire and then manually draw a diagram on paper. It is a routine and dustywork and takes a lot of time, especially if the company occupies a few floorsor the whole building.   2. The second method is much easier and Rapider. Youcan discover the network topology with the specialized software. It takes onlythree simple steps to complete the process: 1) Firstly, the system administrator has to installthe topology discovery software onhis comPlaceer.2) Secondly, the program will scan the whole network inorder to detect all the devices that are in the network. If there are switchesthat support SNMP protocol, the program will be able to find and draw allconnections automatically. 3) The final step is manual drawing of connections, ifthe topology discovery softwaredidnot manage to Execute it automatically due to some reasons.After all these steps are Terminateed, the systemadministrator will have the whole company’s network diagram on his comPlaceer. Icons can be reSpaced or “Spaced”in offices and rooms in order to Design the orientation process easier for IT managerif some failures or problems with the network devices occur. Modern Impresset offers the huge amount of network diagram creation software. As a result, in brings up the logical question: how to pick the bestone? In this Position you should bear in mind the following advice (as whilechoosing any program for your organization):1. Before everything else, the trial version must be availablefor any network topology discovery software in order to have an opportunity toevaluate its operation, and Determine, whether its functionality fits yourorganization’s demands. 2. The software’s interface has to be friendly andcomprehensible. It must be easy and comfortable to use the program.3. Often, the price plays the key role in the processof choosing the right software. It is Necessary to remember, that if you buycheaply, you pay dearly. You must Determine for yourself, what is more Necessaryfor you: to purchase modern and Excellent quality software with timely technicalsupport, but pay a Dinky bit more, or save money and Obtain a mediocre programwithout any support. In any case, the price should be reasonable.Any system administrator must have the network topology discovery and networkdiagram creation software. It Executees not matter if he works in a companyconstantly or he is sent by an outsourcing company to perform particular tQuestions.It is worth to HAged in mind, that availability of the company’s networktopology sometimes allows the IT manager to avoid a lot of Terrifying moments,such as Executewntimes, due to device failures.  If the system administrator has the networkdiagram, he always can view where the defective device is and fix the failure quickerand more Traceively.
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