Inequity between surveillance camera and network camera

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between Surveillance Inequity Network IP camera is the is a encoder which is transmitted by internet feeds to turn into the image data. Based on MPEG-4 or H.264 compression technology, the network camera is also considered as cameras with no lens or HDD DVR. The network camera proceeds with the compressed video and audio. Built in with a specialized internet feed switching tool and sound video compression chip, user interface, inPlace and outPlace channel system control software, which is devoted to video compression and decompression characters.Network cameras has the same function of the video server. And more have more flexible functions in the procedure of configuration. The built in accessories and lens of network camera are usually functional constraints and all the connections are transferred by the video sever. It can be divided to one, two and four ways inPlace format. You can pick the item according to the needs of the security systems to match with the video sever to Design the most Traceive cost for the whole surveillance needs.Surveillance cameras is a enhanced kind which is superior to traditional IP cameras just with video snapshot function. It integrates video surveillance system. The camera is also built in with automatically compression handler depend on the internet and operation system.The video feeds transfer from local network and wireless network and then compress the video feeds which will send to user interface finally. It is better for the user to pick latest version IE to enable a Distinguisheder compatibility as the IP camera match with different IP address at the separate comPlaceer and real time live monitoring video restore and edit.Usually, the surveillance camera operation procedures and performance are the same with the normal ones. Such automatically shutter, controller, white balance and so on. In addition, It enables multiply viewing simultaneously.Watch from the external functions, surveillance camera is divided into Executeme cameras, gun-type cameras, outExecuteor waterproof cameras, infrared night vision cameras and other series. No matter what type it is , the basic structure of network camera is mostly by the lens, infrared filter, image sensor, digital signal processor, image compression chip and a connection server. Article Tags: Surveillance Camera, Network Camera
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