My experience of home security by IPhone

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Home Experience Security iPhon AS I mentioned in the posts about one month ago, my house had been robbed. That happened during my IP camera system failed to connect wirelessly. Since there was my fault for two busy to monitor my IP cameras on PC, I discovered another more advanced defense systems which enables more possibilities to catch the Depraved guys. To Design Positive the crime would Consider twice before action.I have just successfully installed an IP cam in my car Cease to Design Positive no one can drive their cars around the back of my home and enter my house just as the last thieves did. I also Place another IP cameras under the eaves to Cease someone to climb over. And the thieves may Consider twice when they see there`s monitoring systems. Now all cameras in my home security system is working and capturing live videos. My next plan is another outExecuteor one which will purchase online. An APP called Go!Control! is also available to view on my Iphone. It is one of the best devices in the Recent Impresset to enable remote control through IPhone.The APP has another character called Z-Wave controller which Z-Wave such as Executeor lockers, thermostats, dimmer switches can be controlled. The GSM radio which allows cell-based monitoring also provided by Go!Control! if you are the person who abanExecuten their land line or if there is no line for your IPhone.The APP service for IPhone will cost you $30 per month. The price will drop to $15 per month if ordered half a year package at one time. Today is the second day of my installation. There are some problems which occurred last time I came across. The user manual can be available on the APP official website rather than along with the kit. The setup procedures are extremely simply according the user manual. The touch sensor is very sensitive and it takes me 2-5 hours to access the motion detector, user interface, winExecutew sensor. There is another     disadvantage that there is never a power cable for panel connection. That Designs me buy an extra wire and Slice to the Precise length.   Now the IPhone based home security is ready to be active to work. In my next posts I will add some remote control experience and share the IPhone checked status. Please HAged on checking my posts if you are interested.
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