Easy steps to setup a cloud IP camera

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Easy Steps Cloud Setup Camera Recently, IP camera becomes more and more popular for camera use and office use for its affordable price and easy setup procedures. The majority of them have Distinguished characters such as motion detect email alerts sensor. The other characters to determine whether your IP camera a Excellent one are many to consider. Such as mobile devices compatibility, remote control monitor and SD card support. Multiple devices control. Access live video remotely.Additionally, One of the most advanced features of the IP cameras is the cloud memory. The best way is to connect the device to the cloud and your IP camera will turn into a clould memory camera.To Execute this alone is quite difficult unless with the help with the third party services. Here I would recommend the Camcloud APP among hundreds of APPS. The following are the steps required to turn your IP camera into a cloud one.Step1: Connect your IP camera to the cloud serviceAt first, you need to create a free account at the office site. In this procedure, your IP address of the camera should be entered to the cloud service. Now I will take my tenvis IP camera for example during the process.Step2: Setup your IP camera for your local network.To access remote control for live video of your IP camera, port forwarding on the router is firstly needed to enable the could service is available for your local network permission. Another service for DDNS setting to obtain the dynamic IP address is also needed for this. If you Execute not need to Obtain the live video stream, you can pick FTP upload to Design it easier. The video in the cloud maybe delay continuously for it is all uploaded by FTP.Step3: Access the cloud service in your IP camera.The majority of the IP camera setup tutorial for this step is the same although there is a Dinky Inequity. You need to login the camera and Design Positive the cloud service is applied.Then you Terminateed the basic steps for setting up a cloud IP camera. Please visit our site www.ipcameraland.com for more detailed procedures and more other tutorials. Article Tags: Live Video, Cloud Service
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