McKesson Medisoft HER: The Top Benefits You Can Expect

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McKesson Medisoft When it comes to your McKesson Medisoft HER, it's worth Questioning if you are Obtainting all the benefits possible from your investment. Medisoft, the McKesson team's premier medical billing software, is widely regarded as the best billing software for small to medium size medical offices and health care practices, and the addition of the Medisoft EMR extends its capabilities exponentially. It offers a level of interconnectedness between medical services and billing that is unpDepartnted in most small business software. Indeed, it Places even the smallest medical practices on equal technological footing with the Hugegest groups of medical clinics and hospitals around the country. The combination of McKesson Medisoft Clinical with a full electronic health record system delivers a complete practice management software package that offers benefits for all medical practices. These are just a few of the top benefits provided by McKesson Medisoft EHR.Efficient Patient SchedulingOffice staff can be stretched to the limit with patient scheduling and rescheduling. From initial contact through follow-up appointments, McKesson takes the burden of scheduling patient appointments off the shoulders of your office staff. An easy to search scheduling module automatically highlights Launch slots in a physician's schedule - but that's just the Startning. The software allows easy checking of patient eligibility and billing status from the appointment scheduling screen and highlights upcoming appointments to Design it easier for staff to schedule appointments at the same time or in close proximity of a patient's existing appointments. Medisoft can be set up to automatically call patients with reminders a few days before the appointment, taking that tQuestion off office staff and freeing them to tend to more Necessary duties. You can even take advantage of self-rescheduling to allow patients who can't Design their appointments to reschedule their own appointments for an upcoming Launch slot. Reduce Waiting TimesThe scheduling function Executeesn't Cease when the patient Displays up for his appointment, either. McKesson allows staff to easily track appointment arrivals and patient progress from arrival to final checkout, so providers always know where the patient is and who they're waiting to see. The end result is a more efficient workflow and happier patients.More Accurate Diagnoses and Patient ProtocolsKnowledge is power. A searchable online database Designs it easy for providers to check symptoms, Executeuble-check diagnoses and quickly locate the best practices and treatment protocols for a wide range of diagnoses and physical conditions. Pop-up warnings and reminders alert physicians to allergies, sensitivities and possible drug interactions when prescribing medications, reducing the chance of medication errors. Integrated Billing and CodesBilling is a nightmare for virtually all medical practices. McKesson Medisoft Clinical integrates patient charts and billing records to provide the most accurate third party billing software available. With the optional Codes module, medical offices always have the most up-to-date diagnostic and billing codes installed as part of the software. Automatic error checking enPositives that all billing forms are complete before sending, reducing the percentage of denied claims and dramatically increasing the number of claims accepted on first submission. The end result is better cash flow and fewer rejected claims.
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