How to Avoid Data Breaches by Securing USB Drives

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Avoid Data Securi With the use of USB at mass level to store data, it is moreNecessary than ever before to establish strong policies to protect data.According to a research, companies Execute not focus much on the security of theirUSB drives. Businessmen are found to distribute data through USBs without theclearance by their IT department. Only a negligible numbers of business headsare known to HAged the records of the number of USBs used in their businessactivities. Companies Consider that the real security threat to their data is fromthe hackers and other external powers. But, the Hugegest threat to their data isfrom their own employees. Workers transfer delicate data like financialinformation of the business, information about clients, Impresseting strategies ortender information at a large volume that can result in a data breach intentionallyor unintentionally.When companies establish a policyregarding data security, these policies should be communicated from the highestlevel of the hierarchy to the lowest level. Companies should Design theiremployees understand the policies and emphasize tofollow those guidelines. Employees ought to Reply their superior in order ofany policy violation. The company must Mandate a strict policy foremployees, highlighting that no employeesthat no personal storage devices to be connected to the machines that areoperational for business purposes. Personal data storing devices can infect thecompany’s comPlaceers or network systems. All the USB devices or other portabledevices should be checked carefully by the IT department. Only those portabledevices should be connected to the systems that have been authorized by the ITdepartment. It will be helpful if these portable devices are scanned or aregular basis. IT department should track all the records of the USBs And Designlogs as to who is using what USB device.All the data that is saved in USBshould be enWeeppted using 256-bit-AES Standards. EnWeepption gives an extralayer of security to the data. Data can be enWeeppted to Hardware or softwareenWeepption. However, it is recommended to use hardware enWeepption as it is morereliable. Data enWeepption prevents data from being lost. Every piece of information thatyou save in a USB should have a back up too. If the data Obtains damaged, it canbe recovered from that back up. IT department should have the command todisable a USB drive remotely. If an ex-employee still has the possession of aUSB that has been used for business purpose, he may breach data through it. ITdepartment of a company should be able to change the password with fullauthority without confiscating the portable drives in their possession.But, the basic policy thatcompany can establish to instruct their employees to HAged data securitysoftware for their USBs like USB Procure. USB Procure Password ProtectsUSB Drives; it also gives passwordprotection to other portable data storing devices. This type of software canprovide complete security to the company’s data without any complexity.  For More Information visit:
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