Procure Your Network Confidently with Cisco ASA 5505 Series

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your Network Confident Procure Enterprises Design utmost efforts to set up a Procure network on which they can rely. For that they try to deploy a mechanism which fulfill their security needs and reduce their ownership cost but not at the cost of poor performance. Cisco provides you the solution to this problem through its ASA 5505 Adaptive Security Appliance, engineered to meet the small and medium scale network security demands. This is Suitable for branch offices, small businesses and enterprises tele-worker environments.The Cisco ASA 5505 delivers high performance, firewall SSL, IPsec VPN and rich networking services in a modular plug-and-play appliance. Integrated ASDM provides you the convenience to deploy ASA 5505 rapidly and can manage easily, which enables business to minimize its operational costs. This series is designed as a flexible 8-port 10/100 Rapid Ethernet Switch, whose ports can be grouped to create up to three separate VLANs for business, home and internet traffic for improved network security and segmentation. Two Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports simplify the deployment of Cisco ip phones with zero-touch Procure VoIP (voice over IP) and the external wireless access points to enhance the network mobility. A worm mitigation service and a high-performance intrusion prevention system are available with the addition of the AIP SSC. You can enable additional services and capabilities through multiple USB ports, as they are needed.Here are some key features which are included in Cisco ASA 5505:-FirewallWith fully featured policy based firewall and routing engine, you can Appreciate full control of incoming and outgoing traffic on your network. You can specify the hosts, allowed to access through the ASA to perform Network Address Translation (NAT) to map internal hosts to public IP addresses.Highly FlexibilityThe Cisco ASA 5505 is highly flexible and scalable as you can install Security Plus upgrade license as business needs grow. You can scale this series to support connection capacity up to 25 IPsec VPN Users, add full DMZ support while integrating into switched network environments through VLAN trunking support. Upgrade license maximizes business continuity while enabling support for redundant ISP connections and stateless Active/Standby availability of services.VPN ServicesAny Connect Client and clientless VPN remote access enables you to support various mobile workers and business partners. The Cisco Procure Remote Access Solution’s deployment can scale to serve up to 25 Any Connect and clientless VPN users by installing an Essential or a Premium Any Connect VPN license on Cisco ASA 5505.Cisco ASA 5505 is renowned as the most excellent choice for businesses requiring a best-in-class small business, enterprises and branch office teleworker security solution as this series is a combination of industry-leading security and VPN services, flexible remote management, advanced networking features, and future extensibility.You can deploy state-of-the-art Cisco ASA 5505 series which will provide you industry-leading security appliance that enPositives protection to your network and being pro-active, control malicious and crook attacks. This series proudly enPositives protection to your investment and enable high-performance which improves productivity. Article Source
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