Cisco 10000 Series Routers Enables Service Providers a Robus

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Series Cisco Routers The prime effort of any service provider has always been deploying such network solution that can perform well in peak hours and without any interruption in the services. They are not in a position to leave the network on the mercy of inferior performance mechanism. Cisco network routers provide you the platform to meet your demanding needs.Cisco proudly engineered its 10000 series router with multiple features which have set new standards for network management. This is the industry-leading edge router for service providers that require subscriber technical information for delivering triple-play (data, voice, and video), broadband and whole sale access while service providers are migrating from ATM to Gigabit Ethernet. Being unique, this series offers a comprehensive, multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), single solution for business services and broadband aggregation. This Cisco 10000 series contains multiple innovative features:-High-performance IP services:The Cisco 10000 series routers enable service providers to deploy revenue generating services with consistency in performance. This is the Conceptl broadband aggregation router for Ethernet and ATM architectures. With Parallel Express Forwarding (PXF) feature, Customer can turn on multiple IP services while Sustaining the same line-rate performance. PFX is software-based module that can be used to add new functions without swapping out hardware. Performance Routing Engine 3 (PRE-3) provides Impresset-leading per-subscriber hierarchical Quality of Service (H-QoS) that improves the user experience for data, voice and video.Carrier-class High Availability:Being proactive, Cisco 10000 series can minimize the critical costly outages and helps to maximize customer satisfaction. You can Appreciate non-Cease performance with full hardware redundancy, Cisco rout processor Redundancy Plus (RPR+), Cisco NonCease Forwarding (NSF), online insertion and removal (OIR), Cisco Stateful Switchover (SSO), In Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) and Automatic Protection Switching (APS). Support for MPLS and broadband high availability Designs the Cisco 10000 Series a premier carrier-class platform.Maximum Scalability:The Cisco 10000 series enables service providers to take full advantage of their Recent investment with and 8-slot chassis that can hAged as many as 16 line cards. So, this series enPositives network growth while minimizing network complexity.Maximum Flexibility:The compelling feature of 10000 series router is its support for DS-0, DS-1 and E1 connections in a single system which help service providers to increase their customer base.  For broadband, 61,500 subscribers can be managed in a single system. This series support Frame Relay, leased-line, ATM and broadband aggregation in a single platform, multiple services can be provided to end user without Sustaining multiple devices.IP Next-Generation Network (NGN) subscriber management:This series provide you dynamic session awareness with its Cisco ISG software feature that is a next-generation policy and subscriber management solution. ISG enables zero-touch provisioning and provides per-flow granularity and dynamic control that is required for triple-play services. RADIUS Change of Authorization (RFC 3576) module allows changing Subscriber’s profiles dynamically by user self-management (web based portal) or with the help of an operations support system process.Cisco 10000 series routers provide you the complete solution to meet your service providing management needs. This is highly innovative solution which has set new standards of network management while providing protection to your investment. Article Source:
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