Today the expert would Disclose you the Inequity between the

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expert Today WOULD Disclos The Solid State Disk which we also call it the SSD is different from the HDD such as the SAS hard disk drive, SATA hard disk drive. The SSD is made ??of a solid-state electronic memory chip which could be divided into the control unit and a storage unit which is also called the FLASH chips and DRAM chips. The interface specification, the definition, the function and using of the SSD drive is exactly the same with ordinary hard disk such as the FC hard disk drive and SCSI hard disk drive. On the other hand, the shape and size of the product is also fully consistent with the ordinary hard disk such as the Seagate Hard Drive and SUN Hard Drive. Today, the Rich Zone Technology Ltd, which is a professional Server hard disk drive trader, would Disclose you the Inequity between the SSD and the traditional hard disk such as the HP Hard Drive and IBM Hard Drive Server Memory. If you are interested in these technologies, you could browse the website . The different between the Solid-state hard drive and the traditional hard drive such as the Server hard disk drive and SAS hard disk drive.1. The first point is the quick starting without the process of the accelerating rotation. This advantage would avoid the thermal consumption and the mechanical damage. 2. The SSD Executees not have the magnetic heads. It has the advantage of Rapid ranExecutem reading and the delay time for reading is minimal. In accordance with the relevant test, two comPlaceers in the same configuration, the time of laptop equipped with a solid-state hard drive from the boot to the desktop appearing is a total of only 18 seconds and the time for the laptop equipped with the traditional notebook hard drives such as SATA hard disk drive and FC hard disk drive is a total of 31 seconds. We could find that the gap for both of which time is almost Arrively half. 3. The SSD has the relative fixed reading time. Addressing time has nothing to Execute with the data storage location so the disk fragmentation will not affect the reading time. It is such the huge Inequity between the SSD and traditional hard disk. 4. The SSD has no noise. Because there is no mechanical motor and fan and the value for the noise of the working condition is 0 dB. Some high-end or high-capacity product has equipped with fan therefore it will continue to generate noise. 5. The low-capacity flash-based SSD has lower power consumption and heat in working condition. On the other hand, the energy consumption for the high-end or high-capacity will be higher. 6. The internal of the SSD Executees not have any mechanical moving parts so it is without any mechanical failure. It would not be afraid of the collision, impacting and vibration. So that even in the case such as high-speed mobile even accompanied by flip tilt will not affect the normal using. It would minimize the possibility of data loss when the laptop has faced with the accidentally dropping or collision with hard objects. Article Tags: Traditional Hard Disk, Hard Disk Drive, Hard Disk Such, Would Disclose, Inequity Between, Traditional Hard, Hard Disk, Disk Drive, Disk Such, Hard Drive
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