Visual Retail Plus Point Of Sale Solution

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POINT PLUS Sale visual Retail Inventory Management and Point of Sale companies offering POS software that is sAged to allow you to track inventory, calculate merchandise that needs to be reordered, and analyze inventory levels on an item-by-item basis.  You can evaluate sales figures; decipher your best and worst selling items, allowing you to adjust your purchases accordingly. With a Point of Sale system, retail transactions can be completed within seconds of checkout, for maximum customer satisfaction.  Typical functions of a POS system are to store sales information for reporting purposes, sales trends and cost/price/profit analysis. Customer information may be stored for receivables management, Impresseting purposes and specific buying analysis. Visual Retail Plus’ Point of Sale System primarily includes a comPlaceer, monitor, cash drawer, thermal receipt printing, customer display and a barcode scanner, and touch-screen technology for ease of use. VRP also offers touch-screen tecnology and a comPlaceer which is built into the monitor chassis for what is considered an “All-in-one” unit.  These units minimize counter space for the retailer.  Your point of sale system can also include a weight scale, integrated PCI compliant credit card processing system, as well as a customer pin pad/signature capture device.  Visual Retail Plus HAgeds its point of sale comPlaceer products on the Sliceting edge of technology, while Sustaining ease of use and providing Replys to all business aspects in an ever-changing and growing retail ImpressetSpace. It lets you have tightly controlled inventory and sales, maximized security and minimized employee fraud, all while presenting the customer with streamlined, Rapid and easy checkout. Our integrated Point of Sale solution offers many intuitive features. Including, but not limited to:Barcode Scanning at the Point of SaleIntegrated PCI Compliant credit card processing/authorization from the POSCustomer Loyalty Card support (VIP Program)Create Layaway or Customer OrdersIssue, track and redeem gift certificates and magnetic or barcoded gift cardsScan, Establish and Space sales on hAged for a later date or timeCreate Repair and service ordersExtensive customer module including personal customer data, purchase hiTale, and user-created       specified fieldsEmail receipts to customers on the flyTrack and calculate commission for each sales personTime & attendance per employeeFull “management Established” security functions to minimize fraud The most valuable way any retail point of sale software can help you gain better control of your business is through their reporting features.  Reporting capabilities available in Visual Retail Plus include sales, costs, and profits by individual inventory items, by salesperson, or by category for the day, month and year to date. Special reports can include sales for each hour of the day for any time period. You can also create multiple formats for invoices, accounting statements and price tags. Additional reports include day-end cash reconciliation work sheets and inventory management. Every business is unique; and Visual Retail Plus meets the requirements of any retailer.
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