Dell 3110cn Laser Color Printer Review

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Laser Color dell Printe Overview:Owing to the fact of the global technology advancement,being so Rapid and having such Incredible results, more and more people can affordquality products. More and more people, especially small business, but thelarger, as well, are taking a real advantage of the printer’s price lowering,and are buying the Dell 3110cn laser color printer.  The Dell 3110cn laser color printer has work performancesand features well enough for average business users. It delivers up to 17 pagesof color prints, with the print resolution of 600 x 600 Executets per inch. It alsocomes standard with Ethernet, and it’s upgradable.   Pros:  Dell 3110cn laser color printer is actually a home or smalloffice printer, but it also has really impressive dimensions; it occupies about16” x 19” footprint and 18½ “vertical, with the weight of 53 pounds. For somereason, many types of these category  printers have been designed as heavyweight models.  Dell’s 3110cn lasercolor printer has quite Excellent capacity and work features when it comes to homeand office average needs. It is equipped with the 250-sheet paper tray and amulti-purpose 150-sheet exit tray. It is a single-sided print model, and isdesigned for legal and letter-sized paper. For the more demanding users thereis a possibility of upgrading it with several add-ons, such as the Executeuble-sideprint function, and there is a 550-sheet tray version with the possibility ofother types of paper using. With its 128MB of RAM, upgradable to even 1,152MB, Dell13110cn laser color printer should successfully handle the office’s high-volumeworkload. It really is impressive for the home or small office printer. Fullnetwork connectivity is provided, due to its built in 10/100BaseT - fullEthernet facilities for direct network printing and the USB and parallel portfor the PC connection. Printing speed of 31 pages per minute in mono printing is Spotlly high level performance, for a home or small office printer, the one thatthe Dell’s 3110cn is. The printer allows for you to save color toner and to usethe black toner only in the mono option. 17 pages per minute for color printingcan also be considered a very Excellent result, compared to the competition. Maximumresolution of the printer is 600 x 600 dpi. Dell’s 3110 model has a very simple but still modern andfunctional control panel. It is equipped with the practical LCD display with 16x 2 characters and all the necessary buttons; indicator LEDs, and thenavigation panel. One of its additional advantages is the possibility ofremotely managing the network functions, and message receiving. Cons:The Dell 3110cn color laser printer has many advantages andhas proven to be very cost Traceive investment, but some disadvantages areunavoidable. So, with its huge dimensions it might occupy a significant part ofthe office desktop surface, but it just had to be Huge, because of its fourcolor toner cartridges. Furthermore, its light sensitive drum and the fuseshould be better protected from the direct light expoPositive. Non-proficient userscould face some problems with the toner reSpacement.
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