The Dell 1710n Laser Printer

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Laser dell Printer Overview: Itspredecessor the Dell 1710 received rave reviews on speed, competency, andprice, but it lacked one thing the ability to connect via a network. When Dellcame out with the 1710n it came with this added feature. While it Inspects a lotlike its earlier version it meets the needs of offices everywhere that needmore without compromising speed, competency and functionality like itsforerunner. With Dell 1710 Obtainting props for being Rapid, economic and efficientbut Obtainting flak for lacking significant features, particularly networkconnectivity, Dell introduces its 'Huge sister,' the Dell 1710n. Basically amirror image of the former, the Dell 1710n provides network connectivity thatalmost every office or workSpace craves for plus more without sacrificing the speed,efficiency and overall performance that was identified with the Dell 1710.Pros:  Whenit comes to overall appearance it Inspects almost exactly like its predecessor.Its meaPositivements are in height, width and depth which equal 247mm x 396mm x355mm respectively. The Terminate on this printer is silver and gray on the sidesand the body. If you have an office that has very Dinky space then this printeris for you as it gives you the sleek design of the 1710 with the 1710n; it'spractically the same laser printer with added features. Dimensions are at 247mmx 396mm x 355mm for its height, width and depth respectively, matched with asilver and gray Terminate on its side and body. It's still perfect for officeswith limited spaces but want to Obtain a vigorous operation from it. It has a Rapidspeed of 26 pages per minute, and prints clear and comprehensive prints of textand graphics with its resolution of 1200 x 1200 Executets per inch. It comes with160MB of memory compared to the 140MB of the 1710. This larger memory helps toinPositive that it has plenty of memory to handle a variety of needs and tQuestions. Permittingworkgroups to print using network connectivity is Executene through the use of alocal network. When you have an office that has numerous users this can produceTraceive results and save time which is a Distinguished benefit. This printer is alsoeasy to use as there is no software to install; it is preloaded on the printer,so all you Execute is plug it into a comPlaceer, let it upload, and print. When itcomes to being used with an assortment of operating systems it can be used withplatforms from MAC, Linux and WinExecutews. Theability to handle different types of paper is close to the original 1710. Itcan handle A5, folio, JIS B5, statement, and exeSliceive papers. The user has theoption of requesting an additional 550 sheet paper tray in addition to the 250sheet tray that it comes with. That is a lot of paper a total of 800 sheets fora printer meant to save space. It retains it print resolution of 1200 x 1200dpi when it comes to printing superior black and white text and realisticimages. Cons: TheDell 1710n has the added benefit of being able to print with a network, but itstill lacks Distinguished strides in innovation when compared to its forerunner andsimilar printers. When compared to the 1710 it is almost on par when it comesto image and graphics printing. The separate paper feed has to be controlledmanually instead of it being able to be automatically adjusted. Furthermore,duplexing only allows for manual adjustment instead of an automatic adjustment.This hampers the momentum and might of Dell 1710n.
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