Dell 3115cn Printer Review

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Review dell Printer Overview The Dell 3115cn printer comes with many Distinguishedfeatures. These features include faxing, high speed printing, high qualityprinting and network enabled. If you need a printing or scanning job Executene rightand Rapid, this is the one for you. The design is robust and enerObtainic thatprovides a high monthly duty cycle. With the high monthly duty cycle you willObtain your job Executene Rapid and right.  Pros The Dell 3115cn printer can print black and whiteprints at 31 pages a minute and also has a resolution of 600 x 600 DPI.  This printer allows for multiple prints and scans.This is due to the 50 page Executecument feeder that comes with it. This willincrease your outPlace and you will not have to HAged feeding the paper feederover and over.  You will also have the option to upgrade to theauto-duplexing feature that allows for prints and scans on both sides of thepage. This will reduce costs for printing booklets and other printingmaterials. Not only Executees this reduce your out of pocket expenses but it willalso help the environment. It Executees this because it reduces printing space.  The Dell 3115cn printer also comes with a highquality color scanner that can either save to your comPlaceer or scan to it.  It also comes with bundled software and powerfultools that allows for archived and scanned office Executecuments.  It can also be used as a fax machine where you canfax from the comPlaceer and even your email You can also set it to auto so youcan move on to other tQuestions.  With the color track tool, you can create 50 extrauser accounts. There is also an option to add a wireless printer to use with aWI-FI enabled laptop. You can also add an additional 550 sheet paper feeder toincrease the paper feeder to 950 sheets. Because you can add an additionalpaper feeder, you can handle large printing jobs. For an even Hugeger scanningand printing job, you can increase the memory from 128 MB to 1152 MB. This isExcellent for larger scanning jobs such as brochures, catalogs and other Impressetingmaterials.  Cons This printer is not easy to set-up. You will needtechnical knowledge as well as TCI/IP knowledge. Because the manual is notclear on many things, it will not be much help.  Commands have to be entered in as plain text and theLCD display is hard to read.  If you are in need of having an office set-up Rapidand efficient, the Dell 3115cn printer may not be right for you. This isbecause the auto-duplexing feature is only an optional upgrade and Executees notcome with the printer.  It has a clunky design and the paper feeder jams upoften. It runs hot sometimes and the paper feeder might jam up a lot. Becauseof this, you will waste 10% of paper. The print and scan quality comes outpoor.  Because of the automatic paper feeder jamming up,you won’t be saving the time and money you should with the auto-duplexingfeature.
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