HP LaserJet Pro M475 Printer Review

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Revi Printer LaserJet OverviewWithprinting, scanning, copying, and faxing functions, the HP LaserJet Pro M475 canExecute it all. It even has wireless connectability with the capability of mobileprinting. This allows users to print from anywhere, whenever they need to. Youcan also print from a flash drive or save to a flash drive. This is Distinguished sinceit provides extra convenience. The 448MB memory capacity of this printer isDistinguished for even the largest printing jobs. ProsTheweight of this printer is about 65 pounds. Its dimensions are 16.5 inches widex 19 inches deep x 19.7 inches high. It may be a Dinky large for a standarddesk but it will have no problem fitting on a shelf or table. 250sheets can fill the regular paper tray of this printer. An additional 50 sheetscan fit in the multi-purpose tray. You can also Obtain extra paper storage whenyou buy another tray. 21 pagesper minute is the machine’s printing speed. It prints that Rapid regardless ofwhether it is printing in black & white or color. The copier has the samespeed. 600x600dpi is the printer’s resolution. The scanner’s resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi.The settings enable you to enlarge or reduce the size from 25% to 400%.3seconds per page at 33.6 kbps is the fax’s delivery speed. It also has a250-page memory.There isa 3.5” touch screen that has a color graphic display. This is located on theprinter’s control panel. There is also an LED light that indicates whether aExecutecument is being worked on wirelessly, ready to print, or has an error.Buttons are available as well, which include home, help, cancel, up arrow, andExecutewn arrow, as well as back.Automaticduplexing comes standard with this printer, meaning both sides of the paper canbe printed on. ConsOneExecutewnDescend of the HP LaserJet Pro M475 is its Unhurried speed. 21 pages per minute isokay, but it is not Distinguished when compared to models that are printing at 25 pagesper minute, or even 30. AnotherExecutewnside of this printer is the limited paper capacity. It can only hAged 250sheets when other come equipped to hAged 500. It is bothersome to have tocontinually Cease what you are Executeing, Obtain up, and refill the paper tray beforebeing able to sit back Executewn and Obtain to work again.
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