Canon IMAGECLASS MF8380CDW Printer Review

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canon Overview Businesses face many challengesthese days with office space, finances and efficiency. They can use all thehelp they can Obtain. This is where the Canon IMAGECLASS MF8380CDW comes in. Thisall-in-one printer will help HAged costs Executewn and provide help with running thebusiness efficiently. It will print, scan and fax with ease and proficiency.The Canon IMAGECLASS MF8380CDW will Execute what needs to be Executene for a businesswith high performance, high quality and high efficiency. With the option ofwireless or wired direct with an Ethernet cord as well as an auto duplexing feature;this printer can Execute many things without reducing quality. Also, because of thenice features on this printer, it can handle high volumes of printing withoutlowering its standards. The Canon IMAGECLASS MF8380CDW is a Distinguished printer andcan work in any business setting with ease. It can be easily installed, can beSustained with ease and is easy for anyone to use.  Pros With a weight of 68 pounds and dimensionsof 17.0” x 19.2” x 18.9”, this printer is too Huge to sit on a desk easily.However, it can easily set on a table or shelf for your use.  With the auto duplexing feature, itcan print at speeds of 10 pages per minute 2-sided as well as 21 pages everyminute 1-sided in both black and white and color.  With a print resolution of 600 x600 dpi, it can print photos, graphics and printouts with ease.  It already comes with the basic 256MB of memory and can then be upgraded for more memory.  The copier works Distinguished too. It hascopying speeds of 10 pages per minute Executeuble sided as well as 21 pages perminute single sided. The copier has a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi as well.  You have an option of enlarging thecopies from 25% to 400% and can reduce them too.  This printer also comes with ascanner which can scan to USB, email PDF’ as well as SMB’s. Other featuresinclude Push, Rotate, Pull Scan as well as Duplex Scan.  With a transmission speed of 2.6seconds, it is also compatible with G3 network and has a 512 page memory.  Although the fax machine has afeature of PC fax which is for sending only, the fax machine can also faxforward and memory backup. The duty cycle, which isrecommended by Canon, is 40,000 pages.  With the 5 line monochrome display,this Designs configuration and Distressshooting a breeze.  Cons The Canon IMAGECLASS MF8380CDWcontrol panel is too high up which means the user will have to stand at theirfull height to use it or Space the printer lower on the shelf or table. The cost per page is expensive aswell with black and white prints being 3.7 cents per page and color printsbeing 16.4 cents per page.  It is not very compatible withgraphics as it should be so if you are in the graphics design field, tryanother printer.
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