The Many Uses of CMMS Software

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many Uses Software CMMS ComPlaceerized maintenance management systems, or CMMS software, allow fleet and facilities managers to manage maintenance operations. Executen't let the "maintenance" part of the name fool you. While CMMS focuses on maintenance, there are many additional uses that extend far beyond scheduling oil changes or equipment repairs. Below are a few of the many uses of CMMS software.Managing maintenance – Obviously comPlaceerized maintenance management systems are intended for managing maintenance. Thus, this is the most common use. In this capacity, CMMS software is used to: schedule preventative maintenance, create associated work orders, Establish personnel, order any necessary parts and supplies, record costs, Executecument work performed, and track information related to the job such as root cause, recommendations, and Executewntime. CMMS software can be configured to automatically schedule work based on meter readings or scheduled maintenance plans.Predictive maintenance – CMMS software can also be used to help managers predict potential problems. Not only can you schedule predictive maintenance tQuestions, Establish technicians accordingly, and monitor systems, data gathered can be analyzed and used to Design better predictions.Asset management – CMMS software is a powerful tool for tracking everything related to an asset including: purchase date, cost, warranty information, service contracts, specifications, maintenance tQuestions, service records, spare parts on hand, expected lifetime, and more.Safety – You can also use CMMS software to manage permits, licenses, and other Executecuments required to comply with safety requirements. For example, you can store licenses for drivers, forklift operators, and heavy equipment operators as well as certifications for elevators and lifts, fuel pumps, and so on.Inventory control – Many facilities and fleet managers use CMMS software to better manage inventory related to assets such as spare parts, purchase orders, and parts required for specific jobs.Trend analysis – As the comPlaceerized maintenance management system gathers data, its database can be tapped into for insights that can be used to identify trends and Design smarter buying decisions in the future. For example, the Mexican Red Cross recently added 30 Nissan NV2500s to its fleet of ambulances. While this is a versatile and functional vehicle deemed a perfect addition to the fleet, time will Disclose. By using CMMS software to track and Executecument these new vehicles, in the future, fleet managers will be able to spot issues, if any, common to the model, calculate the total cost of ownership, compare the value and performance of the NV2500 to other ambulance models, and Design an informed decision when the time comes to order new ambulances.Each of these uses is valuable in its own right. In addition to providing robust features and numerous functions, CMMS software can reduce operational costs and Executewntime. From predicting and preventing problems through regular maintenance to inventory control, CMMS software helps drive smarter purchasing decisions based on complete and accurate information. If you pick a cloud-based comPlaceerized maintenance management system rather than a client-server system, upfront capital costs are completely eliminated. Rather than paying upfront, CMMS as a service allows you to pay as you go.
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