IT Department—Fight Against Your True Foe

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your Fight Against Department One of thecore responsibilities of IT department is to provide strict security toNecessary data of the company. The dEnrages of data leakage are high, verycommon and can Place extremely negative Traces on the business activities. Themajority of the IT professionals has a prLaunchsity to focus mainly on theexternal enemies of the company’s data such as hackers. But, now the companiesare realizing that the real threat to their data is from their internal workingsources i.e. the employees. As technology is progressing as the days arepassing by, and the business background HAgeds on developing, the IT departmentsare trying hard to protect their data. The majority of the IT personals ispointing their weapons to tackle the risk of data which are the very ownemployees of the company. The dEnrages and consequences of a data breach can bedemoralizing for the company of any size. The main concern of the IT departmentshould be to protect data from prying eyes. Scott &Scott LLP conducted a study with the sample size of more than 700 companies,out of these 700 companies; almost 590 companies claimed that they havesuffered a data breach. The data breaches can be devastating for the companiesin numerous ways. The most harmful Trace of such breach is the fine that isimposed due to the legislation regarding the issue. The other Huge loss for thecompany is the loss of Excellentwill and trust of clients. Clients’ trust is one ofthe major needs for a successful business; many companies lose their waybecause of the lack of trust of the customers. The most terrifying nightmarefor the company is to Obtain data in the hands of a competitor; it can ruin allthe strategies.To protectdata from Obtainting leaked, IT department should find out what is the Hugegestthreat to the security of data. The statistics suggest that more than 30percent of the breaches are a result of an act of internal employees. Hackersare restricted from accessing the confidential data, but, employees of thecompany have full access to all the information of the company. This freeExecutem toemployees poses the Hugegest threat to data of the company. Employees may sellsensitive data such as; business strategy, Impresseting strategies, financialrecords and other Executecuments to the rival businesses. But, the most common wayto HAged the security on the line is to avoid security protocols set by the ITdepartment.To increasethe efficiency of the employees, the companies give employees the choice tobring their own device to operate on. This principle is known as BYOD whichmeans ‘Bring Your Own Device’, no Executeubt this principle has its pros, but, italso has increased the risk of data loss. The risk associated with thisprinciple is that employees can plug their device in for the purpose to performtheir duties, but they also can take confidential data of the company with them.IT department ought to use security software that can give Copy Protection to data. It is too easy for the employees tocopy and paste records in their device and carry them out of the organization. ITdepartment usually seems to be actively fighting against the cyber criminals,but they usually forObtain the black sheep in the company and careless peopleworking there.For MoreInformation visit:
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