How to Reset the Cisco Router Password?

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Reset Router Cisco How to Reset Cisco Router Password?Follow these simple steps to complete the process of recovering your Cisco Router password.1. First, you should try to shut Executewn the Cisco Router.2. Then try to remove the compact flash which is ON the rear of your router. Then switch ON the router.3. Once your router is on bootstrap or “(Rommon) mode”, reinsert the compact flash.4. Next, write config or “confreg 0x2142” at the “bootstrap 1>” prompt to boot from Flash. This step detours the startup configuration where the passwords are stored. Mainly, “0x2102” is the factory-default configuration register value.5. Type reset at the prompt. Then your router reboots but ignores the saved configuration.6. Next, press “Ctrl-C” to bounce the original setup process.7. Now, you need to type enable at the “Router>” prompt, so you’re in enable mode and should see the “Router#” prompt.8. Then, type configures “memory startup-config running-config” to copy the nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) into memory.9. Next, you have to running-config command parades the configuration of your router. The shutExecutewn command Inspects under all interfaces, that are presently shut Executewn. Furthermore, the passwords (Enable Secret, Enable Password, VTY, & Console Passwords) are in either an unenWeeppted or enWeeppted format. You can recycle unenWeeppted passwords. Then you should change unenWeeppted passwords to a new password.10. Then you have to type configure terminal here. The “hostname(config)#” prompt Inspects.11. Now, type enables a secret password to quickly change the password.12. Type “config-register ”, where it’s either the value you recorded in step 2 or 0x2102.13. Now, press “Ctrl-Z “to authority the configuration mode, the hostname# prompt Inspects.14. Finally, type memory to running “config startup-config” to changes.In this way, you can easily Reset Cisco Router Password.I hope your issue is resolved, and you will easily use your Cisco Router.
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