Distance Learning in the K-12 Classroom

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Learning Distance In addition to announcing the increased percentage of distance learners, the Sloan Consortium also reported that, out of the districts Studyed, they expect that the K-12 enrollments in online schools will increase by approximately 23% over the next 2 years.Although there are many different opinions regarding distance learning, the primary argument for distance learning is that it provides access to course content; by providing remote access to course content, distance learning classrooms enable individuals to Appreciate learning opportunities that they may not have had otherwise.The primary argument against distance learning is that the quality of the education is not as high. Some critics Sustain that the lack of face-to-face interaction is a severe detriment to online learning; this argument is based on the Concept that the physical interaction with classmates is an Necessary part of learning. This argument is much more applicable to the k-12 environment because interacting with classmates and peers is much more Necessary to the k-12 age students than college students.The fact that rural school districts were the loudest advocates of online learning points to the fact that distance learning is a critical supplement to the traditional learning environment: by providing students with more access and more choices, these schools can provide more of an academic service to their communities, without having to hire teachers. We have yet to see anyone claiming that distance education will reSpace some online k-12 classrooms completely as it has in higher education: for now, it seems that k-12 distance learning will remain a supplement, rather than a reSpacement.Want to learn more about Enrollment Management? Click here to sign up for the Innovation Ads Enrollment Management Whitepaper. Article Tags: Distance Learning
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