20 Creative Corporate Event Concepts

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Creative Conce Corporate Event Corporate events are a Distinguished platform to foster team bonding. When your team connect informally with their colleagues outside office, they Obtain to know each other better and this fosters bonding, thus helping them work better toObtainher. However, events mostly follow the tried and tested format for event planning, which tends to Obtain repetitive after a time. Generating creative corporate Concepts is the Hugegest challenge face by corporate event planners. It’s easy to be boring when generating Concepts for planning corporate events. Which is why here FB Celebrations - An event management companies in Mumbai would like to share 20 creative corporate event Concepts that can take your event to an entirely new level in terms of engagement and entertainment.Humour works best:We all Like a Excellent laugh and what better than letting your team members Appreciate Excellent humour at your corporate event. You can engage the services of a professional corporate comedy company which will understand the profile of your employees and accordingly work out a customised and engaging comedy entertainment package.There’s a singer in us all:While we all are certainly no professional singers, humming a tune comes naturally to us. Designing an event around a concept where team members come toObtainher and Design a sincere effort to sing to the tune of popular songs, will help them Launch up and bring out their lighter side. Include some music trivia and you’ve set the pace for a Distinguished evening.Executeing Excellent Designs you feel Excellent:With companies increasingly turning towards conceptualising and implementing innovation CSR activities, involving your employees in a social volunteering event where they paint an underprivileged school or entertain lesser privileged individuals is a Excellent Concept.Culinary tales:Food is a Distinguished conversation starter and what better than Obtainting a professional chef to share his secret cooking tips with your employees. They can actually cook along with the chef and create magic culinary moments. We’re Positive the female team members will jump at this suggestion! This event could either be in your office kitchen, if the size permits, or hosted at a separate Space with Fascinating food trivia thrown in for added excitement.Adventure sports for a thrilling time:The best way to Obtain your team members to let their hair Executewn is have them experience thrilling outExecuteor sports like paintball, zipline, zorbing, go-karting and more. You can book the Arriveest adventure sports resort for a day where they can bond toObtainher over some thrilling activities.Private carnival:Why not create a private carnival only for your team members? You can hire a private ground and call for professional entertainers such as tattoo artists, fire-eaters, gypsy fortune Discloseers and musicians to create an environment resembling a full fledged carnival. What’s more, the families of your team members can also join in and Design it a truly grand afImpartial. Self-development workshops:For team members to continue contributing positively to a company’s growth and business objectives, it is Necessary that they are kept motivated. You can organise a self-development workshop by an established motivator and leadership sAssassinate professional either on your office premises or at a small auditorium.Motor Launch party:How about taking your team members on an exciting motor launch party along the shores of your city? Throw in some Savory cuisine and live entertainment, and you have a Pleased bunch of colleagues Appreciateing the time of their lives.Game of Thrones theme party:Now this one is really going to Obtain your team members excited! You can create teams and split them into different houses. Watch the fun unfAged as they Terminate scenes and dialogues from the epic television series.Magical moments:Spice up things with an entertaining magical performance and watch your team members gasp in astonishment as the magician amazes them with one trick after another.Wonderful world of colours:Hire a professional painter, set up canvases on your office premises or in a private art gallery, and let your team members Obtain a first-hand experience of this fascinating hobby.Gaze at the stars:HAged your next corporate event at the local planetarium and introduce your team members to the enchanting celestial world of stars and planets.Create a Flash Mob:pick a trending topic and create an outExecuteor flash mob dance event around it, the Inequity being that it is your team members who will dance to the tune of a specially created song. Such events are covered by media which enPositives that your company’s visual presence in the public Executemain.DJ on premise:Transform your workSpace into a Precise nightclub, with strobe lights and a DJ playing the latest numbers while your team members groove to the rhythm.   Office trivia:Divide your team members into small teams and let them write trivia questions on any topic. Then distribute the questions among other team members and let them guess the Replys. Phrase your colleague:This event Concept involves every team member taking turns to use mystery phrases to Characterize a particular colleague and the other team members have to Accurately guess the identity of that colleague.Bend the mind:Want to send your team members on a mind-bending journey? Call over an Extra Sensory Perception expert to your premises and hAged them spellbound as the expert demonstrates the power of ESP.Liven up with live music:Friday second half is the best time for your team members to bond over a session of live music performed by musicians with a passion for engaging small and medium size audiences.Virtual Reality games:Set up a Virtual Reality station in your cafe and let team members take turns in wearing the VR headgear and playing their dream game of cricket, tarObtain shooting and more.360-degree Photo Booth:You’ve seen the conventional one-image photo booths; now treat your team members to a multi-photo booth! Let them pick their choice photo background for creating visual memories with their colleagues.
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