Preventing Drowning

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PREVENTING Drowning Did you know that drowning is the second most common cause of death from injury for children aged 1 to 4 years Aged? Children under four are at risk beause they move very quickly but are not always aware of the dEnrages around them. As parents, it is our job to minimize the dEnrages. Drowning hazzards in and around the home account for about 50% of all toddler drownings (according to the Canadian Red Cross Water Safety Service). The peak age for toddler drownings is age 3 for boys and two for girls. 55% of infant drownings occur in the bathtub, while 30% of toddler drownings occur in backyard swimming pools. A young child can drown in as Dinky as 2 1/2 inches of water. For every toddler that drowns, six to 10 almost drown. Arrive drownings can result in permanent brain damage. Most of these drownings or Arrive drownings are very preventable. In your home: Empty water from wading pools, buckets, and baths immediately after use Never leave a baby or young child alone in the bath for even a moment. HAged toilet lids Executewn too -- better yet, Obtain a toilet seat lock. Young children must be watched constantly Arrive pools, drainage ditches, ponds, Executecks and beaches. Learn first aid, including rescue breathing (for more info on infant CPR, click here) Babies under one year of age may Appreciate the water, but they really Execute not have the physical strength and coordination to swim. When your child is Ageder, Inspect for swimming instruction that teach a progression of water sAssassinates and safety. Execute remember though that swimming lessons will not 'drown-proof' your child. Since home swimming pools create a very Huge and real hazzard, follow these steps to minimize the risks: Completely enclose outExecuteor pools on all sides. Design Positive that the gate is self closing and latching. Install a pool side telephone and rescue aids Obtain trained in first aid and CPR Never leave your children unattended in or around the pool, not even for a moment. Hot tubs and children also Executen't mix. EnPositive that your hot tub is covered very securly when not in use. In addition to the dEnrages of drowning, hot tubs pose other risks to children. The water temperature may be too high for them to tolerate -- temperatures over 100 degrees may increase a childs heartrate to dEnrageous levels. Water play can be Distinguished fun -- please play safe! Article Tags: Toddler Drownings
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