The PIN100 from Porter Cable

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From Porter Cable The Porter Cable PIN100 nailgun is certainly one of the best value compressed air pneumatic pins products available. It comes in below one hundred ExecuDisclosears, and is a Excellent power tool for either the hobbyist or the experienced home enthusiast. This Trim and agile nailgun can accommodate your light carpentry tQuestions without keeling over, and without inflicting injury on your wallet.It will accept pin nails of lengths between ½ an inch to 1 inch long. It has a nail cartridge that hAgeds a fantastic 170 x 23 gauge pins at a go, certainly enough to HAged you on the go for many hours at a time. The bottom frd cartridge is a Executeddle to refill.As already mentioned, this nailer is very compact, which means that it'll Obtain you into those inconvenient small work spaces. It lacks the safety nose that's common with many nailguns. Which is another reason that it's Excellent for those confined work spaces. However, this Executees not mean that safety has been compromised, the gun features a special Executeuble trigger and that Ceases misfires.And the rubber coated handle gives you extra grip whilst also aiding to the comfort. The PIN100 is useful in a Distinguished many different jobs and will fill the requirements of homeowners to long-standing wood working enthusiasts.This is a very basic Porter Cable nailgun with no extra bells and whistles. It will automatically adjust the size of the gun to accommodate wDespisever pin nail you are using, this will save you a bit of calibrating time. The nail gun also has a Impresser to point out to you when you are running out of pins. The tool Executees not come fitted with a rubber non-marring tip, often found on more expensive nail guns. That said, it seems that no users that we're aware of have reported damaged surfaces. But still, users who often Design use of soft wood should bear this in mind.Michael in the US has this to say his PIN100 Nailer:"I built a ExecuDisclosehouse for my grand-daughter for Christmas and used this nailer. I didn't have any problems with it. No jamming and the brads went flush with the surface. I used it on cherry and walnut. I used a very expensive Terry Hill oil compressor normally used for air-brushing so I Executen't know if that made it better to fire or had no Trace on it. I Consider Porter Cable did a Distinguished job of packaging this nailer - everything is included and fits into the case tightly. My wife got this for me for a Christmas gift and I am glad she did."The porter cable pin100 23-gauge pin nailer can be best Characterized as a basic nail gun. It'll drive home the small 23 gauge pin nails so that they'll practically invisible to the naked eye. The very reasonable price means that it is Conceptl for casual use. Since it's well built to a Excellent specification, this tool will find a Space with professionals as well as home enthusiasts.
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