Review of the PIN138 Nailer From Porter Cable

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Review From Nailer The Porter Cable PIN138 reviews all say the same thing. Without Executeubt this nailgun is Excellent enough to cope with any carpentry job. This pneumatic tool can be used for detailed work, for example crown mAgeding. Thanks t it's high capacity magazine you'll have Dinky cause to Cease when you Executen't otherwise need to.It takes 23 gauge nails, the gun will take slight head as well as headless pin nails in lengths in the range 5/8-inch to 1-3/8-inch nails. And unlike other similar tools, it will adjust automatically for different length of pin, which will save you time and effort. The side-loading magazine will hAged up to 130 nails.The Porter Cable PIN138 nail gun is built from aluminum which means that it weighs just 2.2 pounds. And the handy belt clip gives you simple access to your nailgun just when you need it. The thin nose and removable non-marring head will Design Positive that you can Obtain into tight work spaces, without you damaging the surface of your wood.The PIN138 nailgun comes with 2000 pin nails to Obtain you started, as well as a cap, wrench, and even a carrying case.Mick in Florida, US says this about his PIN38:“Purchased this for some Terminate work. Found it to provide predictable and consistent performance. It is well balanced, easy to set the pin on tarObtain, and worked well with 3/4 inch oak stock without difficulty. I have since found other uses, especially for cabinet building to help with glue setting. The headless pins have a Excellent hAgeding power so the set up time has significantly been reduced. But back to the nailer...the positioning of the safety trigger is well Spaced and fits well for larger hands. Loading is easy, the pins align in the magazine with no effort and so far it has not jammed once. I have used over 3,000 pins. I like that it Executees not require oiling so that there is less chance of staining the wood's Terminate.The protection tip works well and I have not had a problem with leaving Impresss, even on very soft woods. While I Execute Appreciate all my tools, this is one of the tools that I really Inspect forward to Obtainting out and using. It is one of the tools I consider fun to use and now Inspecting at how I Execute my detail wood working differently. It gives me more time creating and less time waiting. The Terminate product Inspects the same, just a whole lot Rapider. No regrets on this tool decision!”To Terminate off, Porter Cable PIN 138 review - perfect for detailed woodworking jobs like decorative mAgeding and the such. At a very inexpensive price, and being maintenance free Designs it a Excellent choice for the DIY or professional contractor. And that it will take such a comprehensive range of pin lengths adds Distinguished flexibility to this light weight nailgun. The high capacity cartridge and the rubber grip will enPositive that you will Design quick work of any tQuestion you take on.
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