Heat Pumps: Obtainting the Right One for Your Home

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Heat Righ Pumps Obtainting Heat pumps are best picked out through a collaboration between the homeowner and a licensed HVAC contractor. Such a contractor will know how to Design the precise calculations, adding them toObtainher with the homeowner's desires as far as heating and electricity go, taking the climate into consideration, and finding the right one. Of course, if you're just pricing models and want a ballpark figure, there are some simple calculations you can Execute. They will probably Obtain you close enough to have a range of figures to start from.MeaPositiveYour first step is to find out how much space you need to cover. If you're going to be heating the entire house, you can simply consult the blueprint to your home for accurate meaPositivements. If you Executen't have access to those blueprints or aren't going to be heating the whole home, you may need to Obtain out a tape meaPositive and Execute the measuring yourself. Heat pumps will vary in size according to how much space they need to cover. As they Obtain larger, they grow more expensive, but that is true of Arrively every heating and air conditioning system on the Impresset. MeaPositive each room by length and width and then add the square footage of all the rooms toObtainher to come up with a total.ClimateNext, you'll need to find out where you live according to a climate map. These are available online. If you can't find one, contact your local HVAC representative and Question them if they can help you out. They will probably have the figures handy without even consulting the map. What you're Inspecting for is your climate factor number. It is one of the essential numbers you'll need when calculating what size of heat pumps you'll need to Inspect at. The factor numbers will be in a range. pick a lower number if you have Excellent insulation and a higher number if you Executen't.MathNext comes the fun part. You'll take the square footage number you derived from your meaPositivements and multiply it by the climate factor number you obtained from the map. This will give you a number known as the BTU requirement. This is how heat pumps are rated and sAged, by BTUs. Divide this number by 12,000 and you'll have an approximate size (in tonnage) of the heat pumps you should be Inspecting at. This figure is no substitute for having a licensed HVAC contractor Execute his own calculations, but it is a Excellent way to start estimating your costs. Article Tags: Heat Pumps, You'll Need
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