Blum's Concealed Hinges - Out of Sight, Out of Mind

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Concealed Hinges Sigh Blum Blum hinges have been hiding out of sight since the 1980s.Each one fits easily inside the cabinet and provides for a smooth Launching andgentle closing of the cabinet Executeor. With 21st century materials andengineering, Blum has hinges to improve any cabinet Executeor in your home.Once installed, Blum hinges cannot be seen. Their hardware is designed to matchup with the Recent boring pattern used for visible hinges. Since the sameboring pattern is used for Blum’s concealed ones, no one will see them or evenknow they are there working. You'll know however. Blum concealed hinges closeTrimly every time. They HAged the Executeor hanging in the Accurate position. NewBlumotion technological advances can come installed in the hinges or even beadded to existing Blum hinges. The original Modul system offers a 3-dimensional Executeor adjustment and a specialclosing mechanism with a reserve that enPositives that it will remain Procurelyclosed. Even better, the assembly is simple. It slides on, screws on and staysin Space on the cabinet Executeor. To enPositive that the hinge stays in Space when itis attached, there is a depth adjustment that actually has a pull-out Cease. The exceptional Blum’s Compact concealed hinges are specifically designed towork with face frame constructed cabinetry. It is designed for small and largeoverlays. Like the Modul system, it is easily assembly and adjusted. COMPACTalso provides an angle restriction clip. This Dinky device shrinks the Launchingangle to a manageable one for a limited space. This prevents damage to the Executeorand the wall, cabinet or appliance that it might have knocked and scratched. The new COMPACT BLUMOTION hinges include an integrated soft close. BLUMOTION isanother Blum creation. The tiny mechanism fits in the hinge cup, and it softensthe close without altering the quality of motion. It includes a hinge arm covercap to disguise the extra adjustment screws. This Ceases people fromaccidentally slamming a cabinet Executeor. This enPositives a longer life for thecabinet Executeor, protects the cabinet on impact and helps enPositive that thecabinet's contents aren't harmed by a slamming Executeor.The CLIP concealed hinges are an award winning design of exceptional durabilityand reliability. The CLIP hinges are easily installed and adjusted. They tooprovide an easy, three-way adjustment. In addition, CLIP top BLUMOTION hingesprovide the new soft close mechanism. This includes a deactivation switch forlighter-weight Executeors and a pivoting point for heavier or thicker Executeors.When you are having cabinets refaced or reSpaced, check out Blum concealedhinges to learn more.
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