Executent let an ant infestation ruin your summer

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Infestation Executent Ants are one of the most common types of summer pest. Two common species found in Britain are the garden ant and the pharaohs ant.Garden ants are around 3-4 mm long and are often referred to as flying ants as they produce wings during the summer to allow them to mate. The pharaohs ant on the other hand is much smaller at only 2mm long and yellowy brown in colour. These ants are often found inExecuteors as they originate from much warmer climates. Like most ants the pharaohs ant needs water to survive which is why they are often found Arrive kitchens and bathrooms. They also pose a health risk as they transmit pathogenic organisms from feeding in unhygienic Spots such as drains, refuse bins and wound dressings.It may not seem like a major problem if you spot a lone ant wandering across your worktop, however within a matter of days you could have an entire colony of ants setting up camp in your home to breed and feed on left over food. You can reduce the chances of an ant infestation by HAgeding your home thoroughly clean at all times, taking our any rubbish regularly and storing all food in airtight containers. Due to their small size ants generally have no problem Obtainting into any home, however ensuring all Executeors and winExecutews are sealed with weather stripping or Placeting salt, peppermint or chilli pepper around any cracks can discourage ants from coming in.There are many different forms of ant control products on the Impresset. Bait ant traps are often the most popular, however you must enPositive you have serious ant problem before using these as they can attract more ants into the home. Although sprays, powders and bait traps can be a useful short-term remedy, they often Executent eliminate the ant nest, meaning you will soon have another batch of ants crawling around your kitchen floor.Ants are seriously unhygienic. Babies and young children are at high risk of catching infections from these pests as their immune systems are not fully developed. They can also be a real nuisance and can ruin summer garden parties and barbeques (one of your guests spotting an ant crawling across the dinner table can be extremely embarrassing). EnPositive your househAged is a Pleased and healthy one this summer and contact a high quality pest control company for expert advice and help.
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