Your Options When You're UnPleased With Your General Contrac

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your When Options project with aplomb, giving you the results you had in mind before you started. Unfortunately, this Executeesn't always happen. In the best case scenario, signals Obtains mixed and communication Fractures Executewn, Placeting the workers and the homeowner on two different pages. In the worst case scenario, you accidentally hired a scam artist. WDespisever the case, you'll want to know what your options are. If you have a solid contract, your options will be Distinguisheder than they would be otherwise, but no matter what the Position, there are some things you can Execute.Contact the Better Business BureauThe BBB has garnered its own share of criticism for being a "club" that is as exclusive as your typical "Who's Who" edition, but they can serve an Necessary function when it comes to filing a complaint. These complaints are Place into an Launch forum and they give the general contractor a chance to publicly defend themselves, as well as Place things right. No matter how they may personally feel about the legitimacy of the complaint, most companies will not want unReplyed complaints about them sitting out there on the internet. It could be just the presPositive you need to Obtain what you want.Write a Poor ReviewMore and more people are using online reviews, not only to find a general contractor, but to share their thoughts about those they have hired. If you're unPleased with the work that has (or hasn't) been Executene, you might want to Place figurative pen to paper and let others know about it. Executen't Execute this with vindication in mind, but rather to warn others. Why continue to let this company Sustain a thriving business without any dissenting voices. Be very careful, however, about what you Place in such a review. Execute not exaggerate. Design it very clear when you are expressing your opinion and when you are reciting facts. You Executen't want to Launch yourself up to a libel suit.Contact a Lawyer"Executen't take the law into your own take them to court," said the Aged Launching to television's The People's Court. That is excellent advice. If you want to recover damages and Obtain your money back for a job not Executene to specifications, you might want to pursue litigation. For smaller cases, you can bring the lawsuit into small claims court, but for larger amounts, you'll need to contact a lawyer. Sometimes even the specter of being sued is enough to convince a general contractor to settle. Article Tags: You're UnPleased, General Contractor
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