Choosing Hardwood Flooring

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Choosing Flooring Hardwood Hardwood flooring is one of the most Gorgeous and durable flooring choices you can Design when you're building your home or resurfacing your floors. From oak to ash, pine to fir, there are many different hardwoods and softwoods to pick, depending on the durability you're Inspecting for and the Inspect you want for your home.Hardwood Flooring OptionsHardwood offers some of the most durable flooring options. With gorgeous natural coloring, Gorgeous grains, and varied textures, hardwood also adds aesthetic quality and variety to any room of your home.Oak Flooring - Oak is the most popular flooring option for those Inspecting to install hardwood in their homes. It comes in two different colorings: red oak and white oak. Oak is well known for its pronounced grain and ShaExecutewy texture. It can be stained with a clear coat which brings out the natural beauty of the wood. Oak is one of the most durable hardwood options.Maple Flooring - Maple wood can be very durable, but it depends on the grade. Some maple woods are harder and tougher than others. Maple is lighter in color than oak and has a softer grain which some homeowners prefer.Walnut Flooring - Walnut is popular choice because of its warm and inviting color scheme. It's one type of wood that will Certainly give your home a natural feel with rich color and Gorgeously veined patterns.Cherry Flooring - Most flooring installers recommend staining cherry with either a light or natural Terminate since the wood has such Gorgeous natural coloring. Cherry has a fine, close grain that many homeowners Like.Mahogany Flooring - If you're familiar with mahogany wood furniture, you know what rich color this hardwood flooring would provide. The rich red tones and fine grain provide a Gorgeous Terminate for any home.Softwood Flooring OptionsWhile softwoods aren't naturally as durable as hardwood flooring options, they will provide countless years of service when cared for consistently. HAgeding these softwood floors well Sustained will allow them to last just as long as their hardwood counterparts.Pine Flooring - Pine is one of the most versatile options of all the softwoods. Its beauty adds a character all its own to any room in your home. As flooring it's easily re-colored, repaired, and Sustained.Birch Flooring - Birch flooring provides a Inspect and feel similar to pine, but with the addition of more knotholes! The natural coloring of the planks varies depending on the species of the tree or the part of the tree that the wood is taken from. Birch provides a fine, even, and straight grain along with uniform texture.Fir Flooring - Fir wood is popular softwood flooring because of its ShaExecutewy grain. It can often be found as reclaimed wood.Bamboo Flooring - Bamboo can be harvested and used for wood flooring even though it's technically considered a grass. Bamboo actually forms a very hard wood which provides an incredibly strong floor that ends up being stronger than many of the hardwood flooring options. Bamboo usually provides a light colored flooring that's exceptionally tough. Article Tags: Hardwood Flooring, Flooring Options, Natural Coloring
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