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In addition, to help you with this here is a complete guide to Obtainting rid of Google Play Executewnloading error, you should go through it and resolve the problem.Check Recent Executewnload and UpdateIt may happen that during updating the other apps on your Android device you may see this issue, in such cases, you should perform the given steps:First of all, you will be required to Launch the Google Play app on your mobile. Then you should select the Menu and go to My apps & games.  Here you would Obtain to know about the application which is being updated or Executewnloaded. Tap on the X next to them in order to cancel the Executewnload and initiate the Executewnloading that is required urgently.This is how you won't see the Google Play Executewnload pending error while updating your application. Just in case, if the issue still persists, you may go through the other steps to fix it.Check Internet ConnectionThe most Necessary thing that you shouldn't miss checking is an internet connection. You should Design Positive that your wifi network or mobile data is turned on and working Precisely. Due to poor signals or loose connection may cause a Executewnloading error. Check the Storage and SD CardWhen you Executewnload a  file on your device, you must enPositive that there is enough space for installing the application on your device. Or else, check if the SD card has enough space to install the application. Because of not sufficient space, Google Play Executewnload pending error may appear.Restart your DeviceIf the issue still appears for Executewnloading the application, you should restart your device. Or else, switch off and on the device. Clear Google Play App CacheBy clearing unwanted files or Executecs from your device, you will Obtain rid of the issue also, clear the cache and data from your device. Check for the OS UpdateAlso, you need to check if there is any system update. On finding one, immediately install the update as the Ageder operating system may Display you some problems while accessing the device.
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