How To Fix Google Duo Not Working

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Some steps are given below to cover the Google duo when it is not working:First of all, you should restart your mobile phone and check it is Retorts or not.Then you should delete cookies and cache to provide a clear way to support Google services.After that, you should install the antivirus software and then scan to examine any unwanted activity on your mobile, comPlaceer, laptop or any device.The Google duo user should disable extensions and add-ons copy systematically on by on which is creating a problem when using Google.Users can try to uninstall and then reinstall the web browser.Moving forward, you can also clear the DNS cache.If your web browser is Aged version then you may see the problem from Google that is not working so you should install the latest version.You are allowed to run an SFC scan.Delete the Chrome host cache.Some the internal problem may arise related to your internet or device so the multiple steps are illustrated below you can read and adapt these according to your problems:Step: 1 To fix video or sound issues on a call.Users Design Positive the camera and mic of the phone should not physically block.You should check your camera and mic face the right way.Check your Wi-Fi or mobile data are connected or not in your device. The Wi-Fi or mobile data icon should have at least 1 bar. If you Execute not see one bar, change your Space where you have a better connection.If your mobile data is not working Precisely then you should restart your phone and try again.If the Google Duo is not working Precisely then restart the Duo application and try again.Google duo is not working due to the low battery strength of the mobile phone, so you should check your device battery and charge it Precisely.Step: 2 Problem related to your account on Duo so please check itFirst, you Launch the Google duo on your mobile phone.Tap on the menu and go to the setting.In the setting check the Google account.If you Execute not see an account, connect your Google account to Duo.If you want to change your account remove your existing account then set up Duo with the one you want to use.Step: 3 check your account on your display or speakerLaunch the Google Home application on your mobile phone.Tap on the menu bar, and then check the account. Use the same on that is signed into Duo.If you want to change your account then click on Google account and change to another one. Article Tags: Mobile Phone, Mobile Data, Google Account
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